Importing into the Autonomous Data Warehouse using Oracle Data Pump

Introduction This post details the steps required to import into the Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) using the Oracle Data Pump Import utility on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Versions OCI Compute    Oracle-Linux-7.6-2018.11.19-0 Instant Client for Linux x86-64 (64-bit) ADW DB   SQL Developer Assumptions An Oracle Cloud […]

Installing Data Sync in Compute for Cloud to Cloud Loading into BICS

For other A-Team articles about BICS and Data Sync, click here Introduction The Data Sync tool provides the ability to extract from both on-premise, and cloud data sources, and to load that data into BI Cloud Service (BICS), and other relational databases.  In some use cases, both the source databases, and the target, may be in ‘the […]

JCS (Java Cloud Service) – An Alternative to the SSH Tunnel

The recommended way to use WLST with JCS is to use an SSH Tunnel. While this isn’t that difficult to setup and use, it is an extra step that some may feel as unnecessary.  It also changes the way you have been accustomed to using WLST against your on-premise WebLogic instances. This blog will attempt to provide a […]