Continuous Integration with Apiary, Dredd, and Wercker

There are many tools in the market to design, develop, and test API’s. Some of these tools could be used separately. Some others could be combined. Every time a change is introduced in the design or implementation of an API, it would be nice to have tests and builds run automatically. Continuous Integration (CI) is a software […]

Development Lifecycle for Task Flows in Oracle WebCenter Portal Builder

Introduction This articles promotes the paper published by A-Team which steps you through the development lifecycle of a sample task flow in WebCenter Portal Builder. The document shows how to develop and test a task flow in JDeveloper, then describes how to deploy, redeploy, and use the task flow in WebCenter Portal, as well as […]

Using ODI with a Development Topology that Doesn’t Match Production Topology

Introduction The cost of reproducing a production environment for the purpose of developing and testing data integration solutions can be prohibitive. A common approach is to downscale the development environment by grouping databases and applications. The purpose of this post is to explain how to define the ODI Topology when the physical implementation differs between […]