Valuable Tools For Diagnostics Gathering and Troubleshooting

Introduction The Oracle A-Team is often asked to help customers identify a myriad of JVM and SOA application issues.  Without fail, the customer will be asked for data regarding their application.  This is not application data, but rather data about the running application from the JVM’s perspective. The data we ask for normally includes Java […]

WebCenter Performance Analysis Feature

Introduction Performance Analysis of a Portal application is an area that is usually time consuming, since the typical portal is made up of numerous distinct task flows. The traditional approach relies on testing task flows in isolation and trying to gauge the performance impact each task flow makes to a page. With WebCenter Portal […]

Collecting diagnostic information for BPM

From time to time, you may experience some kind of issue in your BPM environment. Issues could be caused by a wide variety of reasons – changes to the environment, the pattern of load on the environment, product defects, bad … Continue reading

Getting started with tuning your SOA/BPM database using AWR

Update:  When I initially published this post, I was relying on information from a single source inside Oracle, however since publishing it, I have been discussing the content further with other sources in the Oracle community, and in the course … Continue reading