Displaying Oracle Documents Cloud Services File Picker and Link Picker from other Domains

Introduction The Oracle Documents File Picker and Link Picker allow web applications to select files and folders that reside in the Oracle Documents Cloud Service. These Pickers can start from a specific folder and can further be restricted to a folder structure for a specific user and role when combined with the Oracle Documents App Link. Some of […]

Documents Cloud and Atlassian Confluence: A Macro for Attachments

Oracle Documents Cloud Service and Atlassian Confluence both use the term “Application Link” but with different meanings. The Confluence definition is related to connecting two different systems together for integration, whereby authentication settings and connection details are kept securely. In Documents Cloud, the Application Link REST resource definition refers to an embedded user interface that […]

Using an Applink to integrate Oracle Documents Cloud with a SaaS or on-premise application

  Oracle Documents Cloud is an enterprise level file sync and share Cloud service that allows you to easily and securely share documents with members of your team. These Documents can be accessed using a browser or a smart phone. In this context, the people associated with the team are relatively static. The team is […]

Integrating Documents Cloud Public Links to Sales Cloud – Sales Collateral use case

Introduction Oracle Documents Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud working together is a perfect match to increase productivity. Better if integrates in a single UI. This post will show you how to integrate Oracle Documents Cloud with Oracle Sales Cloud using a simple “Sales Collateral” use case, which consist in showing a new menu item that shows documents […]

Managing Oracle Documents Cloud Service files via curl commands

  Oracle Documents Cloud Service allows users to keep their files in the cloud. It allows organizations to centralize their data. This blog post covers how to manage your files from a terminal. It could be a terminal running on your MacBook laptop, Windows desktop, or Linux server. Command-line tools are a simple applications to upload […]

Creating a Documents Cloud Service REST Client from the DOCS WADL

Documents Cloud Service (DOCS) provides a WADL file for the REST API. This can be used in JDeveloper or other tools to quickly create a REST client in Java with minimal coding. The WADL file contains all of the 1.1 REST API service calls, thus the WADL2Java output generates handles for calling any DOCS service. […]

Calling Oracle Documents Cloud Service REST APIs from WebCenter Content Custom Components

Files from Oracle Documents Cloud Service can be migrated to and from WebCenter Content using the SkySync desktop application, which makes for simple transferring between WCC and ODCS. However, other use cases with ODCS may be desired from within WCC itself. To interact with ODCS from WCC, a custom component can be created to call […]

Integrating with Documents Cloud using a Text Editor as an example

Introduction Oracle Documents Cloud Service provides a powerful REST API and embed tools allowing integrate with almost anything today. This section will cover a web text editor reading and sending html/text content to the Documents Cloud using basic javascript and JQuery. The first example covers the basic action to load a text area and send […]