Achieving DR in the cloud using Oracle Dyn

Recently a colleague of mine (Kumar) and myself were facing a scenario where we needed to provide a solution providing disaster recovery (DR) functionality between two OCI regions.  It is a fairly common requirement to support some sort of disaster recovery (DR) between different geographical locations.  It has been a common practice in traditional enterprise […]

The Resilient Enterprise – Disaster Recovery Planning

Introduction Organizations strive to operate their business in a continuous manner with the goal of protecting their revenue, brand, and data assets. Every organization, throughout its existence, is prone to failures originating from within or without. The propensity for failures exists. A resilient organization however does two things really well. First, it implements measures to […]

Memory requirement for Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Extract

Introduction  This document outlines the memory requirement for GoldenGate Integrated Extract. Main Article The shared memory that is used by Integrated Extract(log mining server) comes from the “STREAMS POOL” portion of the System Global Area (SGA) in the database. Therefore, you must set  it high enough to keep enough memory available for the number of Extract processes […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: GoldenGate Downstream Extract with Oracle Data Guard

Introduction Oracle’s customers are seeking the highest level of data protection and availability.  In doing so, they have deployed complex configurations using the latest HA and DR solutions.  The goal of this blog post is to discuss an approach of integrating Oracle GoldenGate Downstream Integrated Extract with Oracle Data Guard. Main Article   Downstream Integrated […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best practices: GoldenGate parameter files

Introduction  This paper provides an example of Oracle GoldenGate parameter files that can be used to configure Oracle GoldenGate replication that complies with recommended best practices. The example is generic and can serve as a starting point for a more customized Oracle GoldenGate implementation. Main Article Most Oracle GoldenGate functionality is controlled by means of parameters […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle Data Guard — Switchover/failover operations

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic replication solution for data distribution and data integration.  Oracle Data Guard is Oracle’s strategic Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for the Oracle Database. It is common for customers to deploy both capabilities within the same configuration given the important role of each technology. For example, GoldenGate capture processes can be […]