A production pattern for frequent updates with PGX

Oracle’s PGX (Property Graph analytiX) is an in-memory representation of Oracle Property Graph data. Analytics against the data are parallelized and as such can be extremely fast (especially compared to typical database queries). Such powerful analytics are ideal for recommendations or real-time accept/reject financial transactions for example. A list of the built-in analytics can be […]

Resources for learning RDF Semantic Graph (Part 1)

Continuing my series on graph databases (see: Intro to Graphs at Oracle) I thought it would be useful to provide a “cheat sheet” for bootstrapping your learning of RDF Semantic Graph technologies. I’m starting with RDF since it has been around longer, is a W3C standard, has more in-depth training available, and the lessons learned […]

Intro to Graphs at Oracle

Oracle has had a long history with graph technologies, with support of RDF Triplestores going back more than ten years. During that period property graphs were introduced to big data solutions and more recently to Oracle RDBMS as well. All graph technology at Oracle are available via the Spatial & Graph product line, which extends […]