The Resilient Enterprise – Disaster Recovery Planning

Introduction Organizations strive to operate their business in a continuous manner with the goal of protecting their revenue, brand, and data assets. Every organization, throughout its existence, is prone to failures originating from within or without. The propensity for failures exists. A resilient organization however does two things really well. First, it implements measures to […]

Configuring Essbase Cluster for Fusion Applications

If you have provisioned an FA environment using Release 3 (11.1.3) or Release 4 (11.1.4) and followed Chapter 14 of the Enterprise Deployment Guide to cluster BI and Essbase, you will get an error similar to the one below when running Create Cubes ESS …

Splitting Fusion Applications Topology from Single to Multiple Host Servers

Introduction The purpose of this technical paper is to document how to split Fusion Applications domains to multiple machines when originally provisioned in a single machine. This is different than scaling out or scaling up a Fusion Applications environment. This is also not to be confused with moving Fusion Applications from one environment to another. […]

High Availability OES 11g Admin

Setting up High Availability (HA) in OES means a lot of things: Redundancy at the data layer (typically database), the admin layer (WebLogic or WebSphere), and depending on the policy model, the decision layer (PDP). HA for the admin is probably the …