Loading Data from Oracle Identity Cloud Service into Oracle BI Cloud Service using REST

Introduction This post details a method of extracting and loading data from Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) into the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). It builds upon the A-team post IDCS Audit Event REST API which details the REST API calls used. One use case for this method is for analyzing trends regarding audit events. […]

Configuring HTTPS between Integration Cloud Service and Java Cloud Service

In a previous post, I discussed some general topics relating to the usage of HTTPS and certificates within Oracle Public Cloud. In this follow up piece, I will work through a concrete example and explain how to set up a Java Cloud Service instance in such a way that Integration Cloud Service can consume a […]

HTTPS and trust in Oracle Public Cloud

The shift to cloud computing offers a huge number of benefits, but also does introduce some potential risks; the most obvious of these is the need to enable integrations – and by implication, the need to transmit sensitive data – across public networks. Fortunately, we already have a pretty good set of standards and techniques […]