Oracle GoldenGate: DDL Replication To Oracle Targets With Dissimilar Data Structure

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Databases provides for the replication of DDL operations. In most environments DDL replication is used only where the source and target tables structures are the same. The challenge comes when the source and target tables have a dissimilar table structure; as may exist in a Data Warehouse or Reporting Database. In this […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Working With Tokens and Environment Variables

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate contains advanced functionality that exposes a wealth of information users may leverage. In this article we shall discuss three of these, TOKENS; which is user defined data written to Oracle GoldenGate Trails, the Column Conversion Function @TOKEN; which is used to retrieve the token data from the Oracle GoldenGate Trail, and the […]

OGG Extract entry in DBA_APPLY view

Introduction DBAs are often reviewing what items exist in their DBA views.  I was recently asked by a DBA if they could drop the Apply Process  in the DBA_APPLY view since they had no OGG Apply processes running on this particular system.  They only had OGG Capture processes on this particular server.  The short answer […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 integrated extract and Oracle Data Guard — Switchover/failover operations

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic replication solution for data distribution and data integration.  Oracle Data Guard is Oracle’s strategic Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for the Oracle Database. It is common for customers to deploy both capabilities within the same configuration given the important role of each technology. For example, GoldenGate capture processes can be […]