Integrating Oracle Mobile Cloud Service with Oracle IoT Cloud Service

Introduction The Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service (IoTCS) allows you to set up an integration with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) to process and analyze the data received from your mobile devices that are connected to IoTCS. This article explains how you can create a custom API in MCS that exposes this device […]

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service by Example Part 2: Create a Hello World Mobile API in 4 mins

Get started with Mobile Cloud Service (we call it MCS) in 4 mins!!! I published this short video back in June on the A-Team youtube channel. This is the first thing anyone should do when they work with MCS to establish connectivity Its already had lots of viewings so I thought I would show it here […]

Mobile Cloud Service by Example Part1: Defining and Implementing a Mock API

I’m really excited at the moment  The release of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) was unveiled yesterday, together with 24 new Platform and Infrastructure Cloud Services. Why is this important? Two words….. “Mobile First” “Mobile First” was first used by Marc Davis, who was Yahoo’s Chief Scientist and VP of Early Stage Products of Yahoo! Mobile. […]