Migrating AMPA Apps to Oracle MAF 2.3.1 Client Data Model

Introduction Oracle MAF 2.3.1 has just been released. This release contains a major new feature, the client data model (CDM). CDM is the productized version of the A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator (AMPA). This article explains how you can migrate your existing MAF app that uses AMPA to MAF 2.3.1 with CDM. We recommend to perform this […]

Summary of Mobile Access to WebCenter Portal Activity Stream

Introduction Oracle WebCenter Portal (WCP) provides a list of activities that have recently occurred in a portal, called an activity stream, via a Representational State Transfer (REST) interface. This article summarizes accessing this activity stream from a mobile device, making use of the Oracle Service Bus (OSB), and the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF). The […]

A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator for Oracle MAF

Introduction Oracle has released Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), the new cross-platform development framework for mobile applications that supersedes ADF Mobile. Oracle A-Team has upgraded its Mobile Persistence Accelerator to work with Oracle MAF. This accelerator adds significant value to Oracle MAF: it allows easy consumption of RESTful services, and provides a complete persistence layer […]