Oracle GoldenGate: Capture and Apply of Microsoft SQL Server DDL Operations

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) supports DDL capture and apply for the Oracle and MySQL databases only. Because of this, maintenance tasks for other databases require a lot of coordination and typically an extended OGG outage. In this article we shall discuss one option for automating the capture, delivery, and execution of DDL operations using OGG […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Integrated Heartbeat

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) version 12.2 introduced an automatic heartbeat integrated into the application. In this article we shall demonstrate how to enable the OGG heartbeat in an Oracle to Oracle replication environment, demonstrate the additional information made available via heartbeat, and demonstrate how to manage and modify heartbeat across the replication environment. The concepts, scripts and information […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Data Replication to DBCS via Mid-Tier Server

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate may be used to apply transactional data into, and extract transactional data from, the Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS). In this article we shall demonstrated the remote capture and apply of transactional data between an on-premises Oracle Database and DBCS via a mid-tier server running Oracle GoldenGate (OGG). The concepts presented in […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Security Best Practices

Introduction Securing platforms, applications, and data from unauthorized access is of great importance to IT organizations. In this article we shall detail the product features and best practices for securing your Oracle GoldenGate environment. The concepts presented in this article are for educational purposes only. Before applying any changes presented in this article to your environment, […]

Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: HP Nonstop Audited Data Replication

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate for HP Nonstop provides capabilities for the manipulation of transactional data and the replication of selected TMF Audited Enscribe, SQL/MP, SQL/MX, and Non-Audited Enscribe data to a variety of applications and platforms. In this article we shall present a series of “best practices” for the configuration and operation of Oracle GoldenGate when […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Working With Dates

Introduction By default Oracle GoldenGate handles data for date data types without any user intervention. However, there are times when you may need to manipulate this data based upon end use requirements. Oracle GoldenGate has numerous built-in functions that allows users to test and manipulate data. In this article we shall present the column-conversion functions used to […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Teradata Instantiation

Introduction When working with Teradata customers, we are always asked for recommendations of how to instantiate the target Teradata database. There are numerous ways to accomplish this; including various third-party applications that most customers have in-house. In this article, we will demonstrate a zero down-time data replication implementation from an Oracle 12c Pluggable Database to […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle Migrations (Part 1)

Introduction Cross-database replication and migrations pose a challenge to IT organizations due to the complexity involved in converting data types and with target database instantiation. In this series of articles we shall explore three options for migrating a Microsoft SQL Server Database to an Oracle Database. In Part 1, we’ll use the Microsoft Import and Export Data […]

Oracle GoldenGate: SQL Server to SQL Server Instantiation

Introduction The target database instantiation, or initial load, process is key to a successful Oracle GoldenGate implementation. In this article we shall present best practices when instantiating a target Microsoft SQL Server database from a source SQL Server database when implementing Oracle GoldenGate. Main Article When planning a target database instantiation, there are several questions […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Network Apply to SQL Server

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) best practices dictate that the OGG Apply process run on the target database server. However, there are instances where this configuration is not practical. In this article we shall discuss a solution where OGG Apply may be configured on a mid-tier server and apply data over a network to a remote SQL […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Replicating “Soft” Deletes To Data Warehouses

Introduction We receive a lot of questions on how to setup Oracle GoldenGate to perform “soft” deletes in Data Warehouses. By default, Oracle GoldenGate replicates data operations exactly as they occur in the source database; however, in Data Warehouses their is typically a requirement to retain the original data record and set a flag that […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Working With Tokens and Environment Variables

Introduction Oracle GoldenGate contains advanced functionality that exposes a wealth of information users may leverage. In this article we shall discuss three of these, TOKENS; which is user defined data written to Oracle GoldenGate Trails, the Column Conversion Function @TOKEN; which is used to retrieve the token data from the Oracle GoldenGate Trail, and the […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Testing the Extract’s maximum read performance in extreme environments

MOS Doc ID 2193584.1 Version 1.2 10/14/16 If you have a requirement to be able to process over a Terabyte of redo per hour you may want to first run a simple test to figure out if your system is capable of reading that much data before you spend a large amount of time trying […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Tables Without Keys

Introduction For data replication products like Oracle GoldenGate (OGG), it is typically a best practice to have a primary key or unique index defined for tables being replicated. However, in practice this may not be possible when working with poorly designed databases or legacy applications. In this article we shall detail OGG’s rules for determining […]

Masking Sensitive Data with Oracle GoldenGate

Introduction At any given time, organizations are gathering, storing, and transferring millions of records about their customers across multiple enterprise environments. There are various operational settings within Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) that should be set to ensure Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) is not compromised. This article will discuss OGG configuration settings […]

OGG Replicat Abend with Error ORA-29861: domain index is marked LOADING/FAILED/UNUSABLE

Introduction Both Classic Replicat and Integrated Replicat can abend on this error.  This blog will discuss the causes of this abend and how you can resolve it. Main Article This error message, Error ORA-29861: domain index is marked LOADING/FAILED/UNUSABLE, will appear in your replicat report file.  To some DBAs, a Domain Index is not something […]

An ODI Journalizing Knowledge Module for GoldenGate Integrated Replicat

One of the new features in GoldenGate 12c is the Integrated Replicat apply mode. All out-of-the-box versions of the ODI JKM for GoldenGate to this date were designed for the Classic Replicat apply mode and they rely on the Checkpoint table maintained by GoldenGate. This table is used to figure out which changed records can […]

Oracle® GoldenGate 12c Tutorial Oracle to Oracle Replication with Oracle Multitenant V12.1

Introduction Extract, Replicat and associated utilities enable you to create, load and refresh one Oracle database to another Oracle database. This tutorial provides a quick overview of Oracle to Oracle database replication using Integrated Extract and Integrated Replicat for version 12c and above. Extraction from a Multitenant database is only supported by Integrated Extract. This […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Understanding OGG-01161 Bad Column Index Error

Introduction The “OGG-01161 Bad Column Index” error is possibly one of the most reviled and misunderstood Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) error messages ever created. In this article, we shall attempt to demystify this error message. Main Article Bad column index errors tend to occur in OGG heterogeneous; i.e., unlike database, environments and most frequently where change […]

Oracle GoldenGate: Logdump

Introduction Logdump is a standard utility that comes with the Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) application. Logdump enables the user to view and scan for transactions and records, obtain transaction statistics, and save data contained within OGG Trails. In this article we shall present examples of the Oracle GoldenGate Log File Dump Utility version 12.1.2 functionality that […]