ICS to OIC Migration

Introduction Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and Integration Cloud Service (ICS) are iPaaS offerings from Oracle. ICS was released back in 2015 has now been superseded by OIC. Customers on ICS can choose to be on ICS or migrate to OIC to take advantage of new features and services built into OIC. The comparison of ICS […]

Discover Utility : A Tool to Collect Comprehensive Configuration Details of a Fusion Applications Instance

Introduction Oracle Fusion Applications is a large collection of artifacts at various levels – from Application Modules,URLs and Web services at the top levels to storage, hostnames and IPs at the lower layers with numerous connection and configuration settings and tunable parameters within and across the various products in different layers.  Often administrators need values […]

Protecting users and their emails after FA-P2T in On-Prem Environments

Introduction The P2T – Prodution to Test – procedure is a very popular feature that FA customers utilize. It allows them to have their production data copied to another environment. Nowadays, P2T is a very common cloud SAAS and on-premise procedure. An important aspect that is not discussed frequently is the post-process of P2T. This […]

P2T vs Cloning : Choosing the Right Fusion Applications Tool for Your Project

Introduction Oracle Fusion Applications (FA) comes with two very useful tools –  Fusion Applications Production to Test (P2T) and Fusion Applications Cloning (Cloning).  These help customers implement multiple FA environments for different purposes like production, testing and  development on Enterprise level projects. These tools come under the topic of Content Movement and are detailed in […]