SaaS Data Replication in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC, and OAAC)

For other A-Team articles by Richard, click here Introduction In the recent Oracle Analytics Cloud release, exciting new SaaS data replication functionality was added.  This allows Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC and OAAC), to replicate data, on a schedule, from a number of Oracle’s SaaS offerings.   For many use cases, this will mean that a separate […]

Loading Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Data into BICS with Data Sync

For other A-Team articles about BICS and Data Sync, click here Introduction Version 2.2 of the Data Sync tool was released September 2016 and added the ability to connect to a number of different data sources via JDBC. Setting up these Data Sources in Data Sync varies by the source.  Rather than create a single article to […]

Oracle Service Cloud – Outbound Integration Approaches

Introduction This blog is part of the series of blogs the A-Team has been running on Oracle Service Cloud(Rightnow). In the previous blogs we went through various options for importing data into Service Cloud. In this article I will first describe two main ways of subscribing to outbound events, as data is created/updated/deleted in Rightnow. […]