Getting Groovy with Oracle Data Integrator: Automating Changes after Upgrading ODI or Migrating from Oracle Warehouse Builder

Introduction Oracle now provides a migration utility to convert your existing Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) mappings to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) mappings. As customers started to go through this migration effort, we realized that some post migration scripts could help update the migrated repository. Once we had the scripts, we realized they could also be […]

Exalogic Virtual Tea Break Snippets – IaaS Utility vServer

Following a number of discussions around the SimpleExaCli Script and the ModifyLVM Script that are available from this blog site I decided to package the scripts and any future scripts within a simple Utility vServer that was then converted to a template using the SimpleExaCli script. The advantage of constructing this standard utility vServer is […]

Exalogic Virtual Tea Break Snippets – Modifying the Default LVM Guest Template

With the latest release of the Exalogic Virtual Environment ( an number of modifications have been implemented and one of these is the introduction of an LVM based Guest Template. LVM was a much requested feature for the base template but it’s introduction means the information provided in my blog entry Exalogic Virtual Tea Break […]

Changing the port that WebLogic listens on (using WLST)

Occasionally I need to change the port that my WebLogic AdminServer is listening on, without actually starting up the server.  Usually this is because I have just created a new domain, and I forgot to change the port in the … Continue reading