EDI Processing with B2B in hybrid SOA Cloud Cluster integrating On-Premise Endpoints

Executive Overview SOA Cloud Service (SOACS) can be used to support the B2B commerce requirements of many large corporations. This article discusses a common use case of EDI processing with Oracle B2B within SOA Cloud Service in a hybrid cloud architecture. The documents are received and sent from on-premise endpoints using SFTP channels configured using […]

SOA Cloud Service – Quick and Simple Setup of an SSH Tunnel for On-Premises Database Connectivity

Executive Overview With the current release of SOA Cloud Service (SOACS) a common requirement often requested is to connect to an on-premise  database from the cloud SOACS instance. This article outlines a quick and simple method to establish the connectivity between the single-node SOACS instance and the on-premise database server using an SSH tunnel. Solution […]

Oracle HCM Cloud – Bulk Integration Automation Using SOA Cloud Service

Introduction Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools, templates, and pre-packaged integration to cover various scenarios using modern and efficient technologies. One of the patterns is the batch integration to load and extract data to and from the HCM cloud. HCM provides the following bulk integration interfaces and tools: HCM Data […]

HCM Atom Feed Subscriber using SOA Cloud Service

Introduction HCM Atom feeds provide notifications of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) events and are tightly integrated with REST services. When an event occurs in Oracle Fusion HCM, the corresponding Atom feed is delivered automatically to the Atom server. The feed contains details of the REST resource on which the event occurred. Subscribers who consume these […]

Inside Fusion Middleware 12c: Increasing Scalability with JMS Adapter 12c

JMS Adapter (also known as Oracle JCA Adapter for JMS) is a component available with Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Service Bus (OSB) which provides a very powerful way to use  the Java Messaging Service (JMS) for sending or receiving messages. The most important goals for optimizing an SOA Suite or OSB environment are to […]

Oracle BPM 12c just got Groovy – A Webcenter Content Transformation Example

Introduction On the 27th June 2014 we released Oracle BPM 12c which included some exciting new features. One of the less talked about of new features is the support of BPM Scripting which incorporates the Groovy 2.1 compiler and runtime. So what is Groovy anyway? Wikipedia describes Groovy as an object-oriented programming language for the […]

Oracle SOA Suite for HealthCare – Using Remote JMS with Multiple Domains

Oracle SOA Suite for HealthCare – Using Remote JMS with Multiple Domains As SOA Suite for HealthCare (HC) gains popularity among providers, I have seen the need to separate the SOA Suite (SOA) and SOA Suite for HealthCare into separate Weblogic domains. Generally this is done for performance reasons; more specifically it is done when […]

Custom Message Data Encryption of Payload in SOA 11g

Introduction This article explains how to encrypt sensitive data (such as ssn, credit card number, etc ) in the incoming payload and decrypt the data back to clear text (or original form) in the outgoing message. The purpose is to hide the sensitive data in the payload, in the audit trail, console and logs. Main […]

How to Recover Initial Messages (Payload) from SOA Audit for Mediator and BPEL components

Introduction In Fusion Applications, the status of SOA composite instances are either running, completed, faulted or staled. The composite instances become staled immediately (irrespective of current status) when the respective composite is redeployed with the same version. The messages (payload) are stored in SOA audit tables until they are purged. The users can go through Enterprise […]

Using Global Token in PS6 (

Introduction The configuration plan for composite deployment is composite-specific.  Therefore, when you deploy the SOA composite application into different environments (e.g. development, test, production), you need to substitute the binding variables in each configuration plan for each environment, this is a tedious and time consuming task, and prone to mistakes. In PS6, there is a new feature called […]

Retrieving and Setting HTTP Headers in BPEL

The capability to retrieve and set HTTP headers in BPEL was recently added to Oracle SOA Suite 11g. Edwin Biemond has written an excellent blog post on how to use this capability.

From a security/IDM perspective, I think this feature opens up the ability to create some interesting solutions whereby identity information is added to HTTP headers by OAM (or other SSO products) in the web tier and consumed by services in the app tier. It also makes it possible to pass identity data between services in HTTP headers and thereby ignore having to modify web service requests themselves.

I’ll only add as a warning to remember that end users have the capability to add whatever HTTP headers they want to the requests they make. So, solutions should be developed with this in mind. In particular, if you are going to create a solution that depends on BPEL consuming an HTTP header created by an OAM response, you need to take steps to either ensure that this header really came from OAM (by signing or encrypting it) or take steps to ensure that all requests to BPEL really did originate by coming through the web tier with OAM.

OIM 11g OID (LDAP) Groups Request-Based Provisioning with custom approval – Part II

Introduction This is Part Two of the article describing a potential implementation of Request Based LDAP Group Membership provisioning. Part One can be accessed here. Continuing with the implementation after disabling the default approval policies at the Request and Operation Levels, the next step is to configure OIM to enable the modification of a provisioned […]

OIM 11g OID (LDAP) Groups Request-Based Provisioning with custom approval – Part I

Introduction In recent days, I was assigned the task to implement a use case that I am sure many customers of Oracle have in mind but are not sure how to implement in OIM 11g. I even saw some thread inquiring about this very topic with no answer. Well, after some time I was able […]

Installer cannot access the oraInventory

Ran into another interesting little challenge today.  While installing SOA Suite onto a machine which already had another, completely separate Oracle product installation on it (albeit under a different userid), the installer helpfully reported that it could not access /home/oracle/oraInventory. … Continue reading

Using Oracle XE with BPM

If you want to use the Oracle XE database in your development/test environments with BPM, you will need to make sure to follow the advice on the download page: If you want to use XE you can set the … Continue reading

Memory problems with BPM or SOA 11g, especially after multiple composite deployments

Update: There is now a bundle patch available that contains all the recommended patches on top of BPM – the patch number is 9958661 and this patch should be installed in preference to the individual patches listed below. A number … Continue reading

Additional configuration to allow SOA managed server to be started from Node Manager

I usually don’t start my managed servers from the Node Manager, as I like to have easy access to the console while I am developing and debugging.  But today, I needed to get it working as a prerequisite for another … Continue reading

Upgrading WebCenter and SOA Suite from to

If, like me, you have an existing WebCenter and SOA Suite installation, that you need to upgrade to the new release, you may find the task a little daunting, as I did.  However, a little bit of careful … Continue reading

Integrating SOA Suite with Oracle Internet Directory

My colleague Srini wrote an article on integrating SOA Suite with Oracle Internet Directory, which is available at http://redshift-au.blogspot.com/2009/05/soa-oid-integration.html

Matt’s book

My colleagues Matt Wright and Antony Reynolds have released a great book on Oracle SOA Suite, available from Amazon.