Oracle GoldenGate: Testing the Extract’s maximum read performance in extreme environments

MOS Doc ID 2193584.1 Version 1.2 10/14/16 If you have a requirement to be able to process over a Terabyte of redo per hour you may want to first run a simple test to figure out if your system is capable of reading that much data before you spend a large amount of time trying […]

Valuable Tools For Diagnostics Gathering and Troubleshooting

Introduction The Oracle A-Team is often asked to help customers identify a myriad of JVM and SOA application issues.  Without fail, the customer will be asked for data regarding their application.  This is not application data, but rather data about the running application from the JVM’s perspective. The data we ask for normally includes Java […]

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Starting and Stopping Fusion Applications the Right Way

OverviewStarting and stopping Fusion Applications is a complex task that involves invoking commands for multiple components (including WebLogic Domains, OPMN-Managed Instances, Database instances, 3rd Party software, etc) in multiple hosts. This proces…

Idoc Script Plug-in for Notepad++

For those of you that caught it in an earlier post, Arnoud Koot wrote a great Idoc Script plug-in for Notepad++.  Well, he’s back at it and has written an update for 11g!

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