BPM 11g to 12c Upgrade Notes

BPM 12c has been the latest released version for almost two years now. BPM 11g installations should be looking at 12c upgrades to either pick up significant new features in 12c or prepare for 11g end of support. The upgrade can be quite involved depending on how complex the existing 11g environment is and how […]

Upgrading to OIM an overview

In this post I’m going to give an overview of the steps involved in upgrading to Oracle Identity Manager This is just a high-level overview, with pointers to the documentation you need to read to get the detailed steps. Classification of OIM environments For the purpose of OIM upgrade, environments can be classified as […]

Getting Groovy with Oracle Data Integrator: Automating Changes after Upgrading ODI or Migrating from Oracle Warehouse Builder

Introduction Oracle now provides a migration utility to convert your existing Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) mappings to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) mappings. As customers started to go through this migration effort, we realized that some post migration scripts could help update the migrated repository. Once we had the scripts, we realized they could also be […]

Upgrading WebCenter and SOA Suite from to

If, like me, you have an existing WebCenter and SOA Suite installation, that you need to upgrade to the new release, you may find the task a little daunting, as I did.  However, a little bit of careful … Continue reading