An alternate approach to integrating WebCenter Sites with WebCenter Portal

Over the years there have been many attempts at integrating WebCenter Sites with WebCenter Portal (and vice versa). None of these attempts were without significant issues and none have met with wide acceptance in the field. This blog post suggests a very simple pattern that would provide a lot of value for many clients. The […]

SEO tips for WebCenter Content Presenter

Introduction When building a public facing website, it is important that search engines like Google and Bing can understand the content on your page. This will allow those engines to properly index your site which will result in better rankings and traffic. WebCenter Portal provides several techniques to deliver content in dynamic way which can […]

Getting Portlet Queue Full Message on WebCenter Portlets

Introduction WebCenter Portal defines default parameters for portlets usage, which are very well suited for most of the cases. If the portal is under high load or performance test, portlets consumed from the portal could throw intermittently unavailable exceptions. In the portal log error message states that the queue is full and the pool is not […]

Reentrantlock Effecting Content Presenter Performance

Introduction During a performance tuning engagement, ATEAM had noticed an increase in page response times when the number of concurrent users increased to a value greater than 1000.  Further investigation revealed that the bottleneck was coming from the usage of Content Presenter Template(s). All content listed on this page is the property of Oracle Corp. […]

WebCenter Performance Analysis Feature

Introduction Performance Analysis of a Portal application is an area that is usually time consuming, since the typical portal is made up of numerous distinct task flows. The traditional approach relies on testing task flows in isolation and trying to gauge the performance impact each task flow makes to a page. With WebCenter Portal […]