WebCenter Sites NIO Conversion Utility on JCS

  To download this article as a pdf click here   Introduction WebCenter Sites installation procedure requires a Shared File System, e.g. NFS disk. JCS does not support a Shared File System. Hence for installation of WebCenter Sites on JCS first the primary cluster member is installed using local disk as a shared disk. Then […]

Setting-up Disaster Recovery for WebCenter Sites

Introduction   Every time we are implementing WebCenter Sites, the question of disaster recovery (DR) always comes up. To setup disaster recovery for WebCenter Sites is fairly simple. Typically, WebCenter Sites has an Editorial and a Delivery system. Delivery is the place where web site visitors come and browse the web site. Editorial is used […]

Using CDN with WebCenter Sites 11gR1

1.    Introduction   WebCenter Sites has multiple layers of cache. Closest to the database server is the Result Set Cache, then Asset Cache, then WebCenter Sites Page Cache, and finally WebCenter Sites Co-Resident/Remote Satellite Server Cache. Many times Remote Satellite Server is projected as an edge cache. However, there are many limitations in using Remote […]

Concurrent Development Model for WebCenter Sites

1.0 Introduction   Several times we are asked the question, “I need to develop multiple versions of the Site at the same time. I have completed phase one and version 1.0 of the website is live on delivery. I am working on version 2.0 in the development environment. It will take another 3 weeks to […]

Should Remote Satellite Server be used for Edge Caching?

  Should Remote Satellite Server be used for Edge Caching? Lately, I have come across a few clients wanting to use WebCenter Sites Remote Satellite Server (rSS) as an edge cache – to cache content closer to the end client. Typical pattern is the client wants to have WebCenter Sites delivery servers in a data […]

WebCenter Sites Sample Go-Live Checklist

To down load the Sample Checklist click:  WebCenterSitesSampleGoLiveCheckList   Prior to Oracle acquisition of FatWire, Support had a sample go-live checklist. The clients were expected to go through this before going live. I am uploading that checklist here with small edits. It has a lot of values specially for new clients going live for the […]

Importance of Wrapper in WebCenter Sites11gR1

Download the full White Paper Importance of Wrapper in WebCenter Sites Page Caching is an important paradigms in WebCenter Sites. Page Caching is instrumental in achieving optimum performance. But Page Caching is not a switch that can be turned on or off after all the development work is done. Page Caching needs to be taken […]

Use of commercecontext.setsegments tag

I thought this would be useful to all the Sites developers out there. The <commercecontext.setsegments> tag is useful when under program control you unambiguously *KNOW* the segment(s) of the visitor. With this tag you can just set it as needed without having to do a “calculate segments” based on visitor attributes (which may or may […]

Double Buffered Caching with inCache in WebCenter Sites 11gR1

  To download this paper click on: Double Buffered Page Caching with inCache   Double Buffered Page Caching with inCache in WebCenter Sites 11gR1   Introduction   Page Caching is a very important in WebCenter Sites for achieving high performance. WebCenter Sites delivers dynamic pages. When a visitor requests a web page WebCenter Sites executes […]

An alternate approach to integrating WebCenter Sites with WebCenter Portal

Over the years there have been many attempts at integrating WebCenter Sites with WebCenter Portal (and vice versa). None of these attempts were without significant issues and none have met with wide acceptance in the field. This blog post suggests a very simple pattern that would provide a lot of value for many clients. The […]

Tips for Installing WCSites11gR1on Exalogic

This paper can be downloaded by clicking: Installing WebCenter Sites on Exalogic Ver1.0   Tips for Installing WebCenter Sites 11gR1 on Exalogic   Background: Recently I had the opportunity to install WebCenter Sites on Exalogic. Everything, including the database, was to be installed on the same Exalogic box. In this aspect the installation was different […]

WebCenter Sites Demo Integration with Endeca Guided Search

In early 2014, WebCenter Sites engineering produced a demo Sites + Endeca Guided Search integration for the A-Team to review. The use case for such a demo is quite compelling: pretty much any large Sites-authored website can benefit from Guided Search technology. And while one “could” implement a guided search mechanism in WebCenter Sites it […]

Aggregating WCS Content as a Service

Often it is necessary to exchange aggregated content from one system to another. By “aggregated” I mean that the complexity of the underlying Model is partially hidden from the caller and that the system doing the serving is free to make model changes without having to notify the caller. Additionally, the system providing the service […]

WebCenter Sites and WebCenter Content Integration

WebCenter Sites and WebCenter Content Integration   Overview WebCenter Sites is a great tool for business users and marketers to easily manage their Web Experience. WebCenter Content allows consolidation of all enterprise documents and digital assets in a single repository. Its transformation engine easily creates different renditions of the documents and images. As enterprise standard, […]