Poller Transport Based Service Management Scripts

The polling transports (Email, File, FTP) in Service Bus only poll on one managed server for a given service, which is defined in the service configuration.  However, if the polling managed server is not running, polling is not resumed automatically on another managed server in the cluster. The zip file below contains a collection of […]

Getting Portlet Queue Full Message on WebCenter Portlets

Introduction WebCenter Portal defines default parameters for portlets usage, which are very well suited for most of the cases. If the portal is under high load or performance test, portlets consumed from the portal could throw intermittently unavailable exceptions. In the portal log error message states that the queue is full and the pool is not […]

Exporting metadata for a specific group space in WebCenter Spaces

Introduction All customization in WebCenter Spaces are stored in the MDS. When you create a page, both the page and the page definition will be stored in the MDS. When you edit a page, a delta will be calculated which will be stored as a separate file in the MDS. During runtime WebCenter will calculate […]

Full access to MDS Repository

JDeveloper allows you to browse the tree structure of any MDS repository, DB or File based. After creating the appropriate connection, a JTree is created, and all documents and packages of the MDS repository are available in it. To manipulate those doc…

Changing the port that WebLogic listens on (using WLST)

Occasionally I need to change the port that my WebLogic AdminServer is listening on, without actually starting up the server.  Usually this is because I have just created a new domain, and I forgot to change the port in the … Continue reading