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  • June 6, 2017

Best Practice to restart the Corente Gateway


As part of testing the Corente Gateway's stability, we have seen customers restarting the gateway in an unsupported way causing the gateway into "Inactive" state. This article talks about the step by step instructions to stop/restart the Corente Gateway in a supported manner.

Anytime you stop the master/storage orchestration of your Corente VPN gateway, you will destroy the viable/good configuration. This causes the gateway instance to boot, reinstall the OS from the directed image and request a new configuration. This request to download the configuration is only done once and only at first boot. Typically the Corente Gateway state will be 'disconnected' from the perspective of the Corente Service Control Point (SCP) and not have the configuration in a download state for newly installed instance.This leaves the instance running without a configuration.

For e.g. after restarting the gateway  from Cloud UI's Network tab or starting the master orchestration of your VPN gateway, you will notice the gateway status as "Inactive" state as shown below.


You might wonder why? We need to perform an additional step to sync with Corente SCP.
For a stopped Master/Storage orchestration the action plan would be:
1) Confirm Master/Storage orchestrations are in 'Stopped' not Stopping/Ready state.
2) Login to your  AppNet Manager
3) Right click on your gateway (should be yellow or red icon) on the submenu
4) select 'Regenerate'
5) select 'Configuration'



6) Enter your AppNet manager admin password

7) click 'Generate'
This will put the configuration file to a download state, available for installation.
8) Now start the master orchestration of your VPN gateway from the Orchestrations tab or select "Start" option of your VPN gateway from the Network >> VPN >> VPN Gateways section.

**Be patient**, wait to make any OPC User interface changes or AppNet manager changes until the status is Active / Green. Pls give atleast 7-10 minutes time lag to see the correct status in the Cloud UI. If you make any changes during this time, it will reset the configuration again and invalidate the downloaded configuration. You should see the following screen in the Cloud UI.



Oracle does not recommend stopping the master/storage orchestrations for any reason. You can simply "Stop" the gateway from Cloud UI or "Stop" the launchplan.json of your gateway from the Orchestrations tab. This should be sufficient for your stability testing.


Contributing Authors:  Eric Porter, Mikael Fransson, Shub Lahiri

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