Identity is the new perimeter BUT, you still need a firewall!

Identity is the new perimeter. Sounds familiar??? In a traditional on-prem world, all the workload had one thing in common. They were all part of a large private network. You could shield that common attack vector (network) with strong security policies using both WAF (Web Application Firewall) and network firewall. As the workload moved to […]

Deploying Oracle Remote Data Connector in Tomcat for Oracle Analytics Cloud

Introduction This post describes deploying Oracle Remote Data Connector (RDC) for Tomcat in a Compute instance running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for use by Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). RDC is used primarily in cases where data sources are not accessible using a public IP address. It supplements the official RDC documentation found here and here with […]

OAC Remote Data Connector with Jetty

For other A-Team articles by Richard, click here Introduction The Remote Data Connector (RDC) allows the Oracle Analytics Cloud service to connect to on-premise data sources. There are now 2 versions. The initial version required that a web-sever, either weblogic or tomcat, be used on premise for the tool to work.  That version is still available, […]

ICS On-Premise Monitor – Agent Ping

The Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Connectivity Agent is a feature of ICS that helps with the cloud to ground (on-premise) use case that is common to companies who are moving into cloud technologies. The agent provides an ICS subscriber the ability to create ICS integrations that interact with on-premise resources like legacy applications, databases, etc. […]

ICS SOAP Connection – Retrieve File Uploaded WSDL

When working with Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) SOAP Connections, it is common to upload a WSDL file when configuring the Connection Properties: The focus of this blog is how to retrieve/recover the WSDL in the event the original file is not available. This can be accomplished in several ways that include an on-line and/or […]

FAQ: Integrating E-Business Suite using Integration Cloud Service

1. Is the connectivity agent necessary for the EBS Adapter even when my services are deployed inside DMZ and publically accessible. No. The connectivity agent is only required when EBS REST services are not available on public internet. 2. Can I connect to EBS database from ICS and invoke PL/SQL procedures? Yes, you can use […]

Integrating Documents Cloud Public Links to Sales Cloud – Sales Collateral use case

Introduction Oracle Documents Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud working together is a perfect match to increase productivity. Better if integrates in a single UI. This post will show you how to integrate Oracle Documents Cloud with Oracle Sales Cloud using a simple “Sales Collateral” use case, which consist in showing a new menu item that shows documents […]

Using CDN with WebCenter Sites 11gR1

1.    Introduction   WebCenter Sites has multiple layers of cache. Closest to the database server is the Result Set Cache, then Asset Cache, then WebCenter Sites Page Cache, and finally WebCenter Sites Co-Resident/Remote Satellite Server Cache. Many times Remote Satellite Server is projected as an edge cache. However, there are many limitations in using Remote […]

Getting Started with the A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator

Introduction The Oracle Mobile A-TEAM is happy to announce a new (and slightly renamed) version of the A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator (AMPA). AMPA is a lightweight persistence and data synchronization framework that works on top of Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF). It eases the consumption of RESTful services, and provides a complete persistence layer that allows you to […]

Social Federation with OAM Mobile & Social in Native iOS Applications

Introduction I’ve already posted an article about Social Federation with Mobile & Social (M&S) for web applications protected by Oracle Access Manager (OAM), showing users being authenticated against social network providers, like Google and Linkedin. My coworker Chris Johnson also blogged about using Mobile & Social in a native iOS application. In his post, user […]

Double Buffered Caching with inCache in WebCenter Sites 11gR1

  To download this paper click on: Double Buffered Page Caching with inCache   Double Buffered Page Caching with inCache in WebCenter Sites 11gR1   Introduction   Page Caching is a very important in WebCenter Sites for achieving high performance. WebCenter Sites delivers dynamic pages. When a visitor requests a web page WebCenter Sites executes […]

How to increase the heap size of the integrated server in JDeveloper 12c

Sometimes there may be a need to increase the heap size of the integrate weblogic server within JDeveloper.   Obviously one can modify the setDomainEnv file in the domain’s bin directory –   For Unix, it is in  $HOME/.jdeveloper/system12.1.3****/DefaultDomain/bin For Windows,  it is in %APPDATA%\JDeveloper\system12.1.3***/DefaultDomain/bin   But, you can also change it within JDeveloper, you […]

Introduction to FMW 12C REST adapter

In this entry, I will present the usage of the new REST adapter using OSB 12C.  This adapter is a new feature providing support for RESTful web services; it also supports JSON request and response.   One important thing to keep in mind is the internal implementation of the message within OSB is SOAP/XML, there are […]

WebCenter Sites and WebCenter Content Integration

WebCenter Sites and WebCenter Content Integration   Overview WebCenter Sites is a great tool for business users and marketers to easily manage their Web Experience. WebCenter Content allows consolidation of all enterprise documents and digital assets in a single repository. Its transformation engine easily creates different renditions of the documents and images. As enterprise standard, […]

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