Accessing and Analyzing Twitter Feeds with Oracle Stream Analytics (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series we saw how to setup a connection in Oracle Stream Analytics to Twitter and create a Tweet stream. In this part we will investigate using the OSA map and geo-spatial exploration features to display the tweet point of origin on a map. Location Aware Tweets Notice that tweets do […]

Accessing and Analyzing Twitter Feeds with Oracle Stream Analytics (Part 1)

Oracle Stream Analytics The new release of Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA) contains a host of new features some of which are connection capability to Twitter, geo-spatial Exploration display and machine learning based data analysis. In combination those features make OSA an excellent tool for implementing a Twitter sentiment monitoring application. This is Part 1 of a 3 […]

Intelligent Devices with Oracle Edge Analytics & MQTT

Introduction It is becoming increasingly more common to see scenarios where technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and Event Streaming are combined to create solutions that leverage real-time intelligence for business decision making. Typical scenarios involve monitoring large numbers devices continuously emitting events as a result of some sort of situation detection (commonly detected by […]

Introduction to the Oracle Stream Explorer White Paper

During this week, Oracle’s real-time streaming analytics platform known as OEP (Oracle Event Processing) had a strategic rebrand, being called now as Oracle Stream Explorer. It still includes the complete, highly scalable, high performance event-driven runtime from OEP, but now with a new collection of visually impactful web tooling features. The purpose of this rebranding […]

Getting Started with the REST Adapter in OEP 12c

Introduction It is undeniable that we are living in the age of data. With the explosion of the internet, mobile-based devices, and social networks, data is becoming the most abundant resource on earth. Another factor that is massively contributing to this trend is IoT, an acronym for “Internet of Things”. Within the IoT realm, there […]

Improving Performance via Parallelism in Oracle Event Processing Pipelines with High-Availability

Introduction This posting explains how to use parallelism to improve performance of Oracle Event Processing (OEP) applications with active-active high-availability (HA) deployments. Parallelism is exploited for performance gain in each one of the server instances of an HA configuration. This is achieved by identifying sections of an application’s processing pipeline that can operate in parallel, […]