Tuning G1GC For SOA

Garbage-First Garbage Collector (G1GC) is a new GC Algorithm introduced in later version of JDK 1.7. Prior to the introduction of G1GC there have been 2 other GC Algorithms: ParallelGC and Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) algorithms. While ParalleGC was the choice for high throughput applications like SOA, CMS was the choice for applications requiring low […]

How to find purgeable instances in SOA/BPM 12c

If you are familiar with SOA/BPM 11g purging, after you have upgraded/implemented SOA/BPM 12c, you will not be able to use most of the SQL for 11g to determine the purgeable instances.  This is because SOA/BPM 12c is no longer using composite_instance table for composite instance tracking. In SOA/BPM 12c, a common component is used to […]

B2B Event Queue Management for Emergency

Executive Overview Many customers face a crisis in production system when, for some reason, they end up with several B2B messages stacked up in the system, that may not be of a high priority to be processed at that point in time. In other words, it would greatly help many customers if, in such critical […]

Oracle SOA Suite for HealthCare – Using Remote JMS with Multiple Domains

Oracle SOA Suite for HealthCare – Using Remote JMS with Multiple Domains As SOA Suite for HealthCare (HC) gains popularity among providers, I have seen the need to separate the SOA Suite (SOA) and SOA Suite for HealthCare into separate Weblogic domains. Generally this is done for performance reasons; more specifically it is done when […]

SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration startup errors due to expired passwords.

SOA Suite for Healthcare integration involves starting up the managed servers, which are in turn, dependent on valid connections to databases. In many low-maintenance environment like Virtualbox images distributed for training and worksh…

Oracle SOA for Healthcare – Setting Endpoint Acknowledgement Acceptance

Acknowledgment acceptance in SOA Suite for Healthcare is globally set through the console at the document level. Currently there is no way to override the global setting for an endpoint in the SOA for Healthcare console. The illustration below shows acknowledgment acceptance being set in the document type definition in the SOA for Healthcare console

Starting a cluster

Recently, I have been involved in a number of discussions with people who are setting up clusters of various Fusion Middleware products, often on an Exalogic machine.  These discussions have led me to feel that it would be worth sharing … Continue reading

Running Built-In Test Simulator with SOA Suite Healthcare 11g in PS4 and PS5

SOA Suite Healthcare Integration Pack provides a built-in utility to simulate an external endpoint for HL7 messaging flows. This lightweight, ant-based utility can be very useful to quickly simulate an endpoint for setting up round-trip HL7 messaging in a standalone, closed environment.

This note gives an overview about the setup and usage of the simulator utility. It also points out the differences that users have to keep in mind when migrating from PS4 to PS5 release.