Monitoring SaaS Application Performance in EM using RUEI

Introduction Performance and efficiency are essential to having a positive user experience and the diagnosis of click and flow activities can be a complex task in a SaaS environment where access to various log files is limited. Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) – monitors real user activity, records user session data and provide web […]

Cloning of Fusion Applications using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Introduction Cloning is a recurring requirement in almost every Oracle Fusion Applications environment. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM) is an effective tool to create and automate the repeatable parts of the cloning process. Additionally to the cloning process itself OEM is very useful, when e.g. automating the scale-down of the environment or other actions that may be required to clone the particular […]

Discovering Fusion Applications in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Introduction Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c offers a comprehensive and convenient way to manage Fusion Applications environments. Enterprise Manager relies on Oracle Management Agents to monitor and manage hosts and applications. These Oracle Management Agents are not to be confused with the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control agents that are deployed as part […]

Unable to See Coherence MBean in Enterprise Manager Configured for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter

Introduction After configuring Coherence Cache for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter customer was not able to see the Coherence MBeans in the Enterprise Manager. Futher investigation revealed that the issue was due to configuration in WebLogic Server. Main Article After configuring Coherence Cache for WebCenter Portal Content Presenter customer was not able to see the Coherence […]

Command Line Install of OEM agent

In this document we will go over the steps to Install OEM agent using command line. 12c: Download emcli kit from OEM console. Logon to OEM console. On the top right Setup –> CommandLine Interface Export JAVA_HOME [oracle@host emcli]$ export JAVA_HOME=/u01/software/wls1036/jdk1.6.0_45 Install emcli [oracle@host emcli]$ $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar emclikit.jar client -install_dir=/u01/software/emcli Condifure emcli to OEM [oracle@host emcli]$ ./emcli setup […]

Coherence Monitoring Management in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Part 1

Coherence monitoring can be challenging depending on the number of nodes and hosts. Users use Jconsole for getting a view of their Coherence applications. This is done by creating a JMX node that joins the cluster and thereby enabling monitoring. This is good to get current view. However if you are looking for metrics history […]

How to emulate 10g Adapter start/stop behaviour by manipulating the InboundThreadCount parameter

Introduction In 10g, there was a mechanism for suppressing consumption of messages at the Adapter level. That mechanism can not be used in 11g. But there is a way… Main Article The way to do this is to set the InboundThreadCount in the appropriate MBean to zero. This will effectively suppress consumption of messages – […]

Allowing limited access to Enterprise Manager

Customers often ask about how to give certain people limited access to Enterprise Manager, often they talk about ‘read only’ access.  Enterprise Manager does in fact have three roles defined out-of-the-box that provide various levels of access.  You can see … Continue reading

Consuming E-Business Suite web services using Oracle Service Bus, or Using Oracle Service Bus with OWSM Policies to call WS-Security protected services

This post demonstrates how to expose an E-Business Suite interface as a web service, in this case the PL/SQL API for getting a price for a product. Once you have exposed a service, you are probably going to want to … Continue reading