OIC and ICS File based integrations for Oracle HCM Cloud using UCM webservices

Introduction This blog details the solution using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and Integration Cloud Service(ICS) for file based integrations using Universal Content Management (UCM) Webservices for Oracle HCM Cloud integration. Deprecation of SaaS sFTP servers for Oracle HCM Cloud and other Oracle Cloud applications was announced recently. Refer to the below MOS Support Doc Note for the announcement […]

WebCenter Sites NIO Conversion Utility on JCS

  To download this article as a pdf click here   Introduction WebCenter Sites installation procedure requires a Shared File System, e.g. NFS disk. JCS does not support a Shared File System. Hence for installation of WebCenter Sites on JCS first the primary cluster member is installed using local disk as a shared disk. Then […]

Java Cloud Service Configuration for Installing WebCenter Sites 12C

  This article does not give the step-by-step procedure for installing WebCenter Sites 12c on JCS. To see the step-by-step procedure, including screen shots at every step, please download the paper by clicking here.   1. Introduction Java Cloud Service needs to be properly configured for installing WebCenter Sites 12 C. There are a number […]

A pattern for managing segments across Oracle apps

Background A large number of Oracle and 3rd party CX applications include segmentation as a key part of their feature set. Trouble is, most of these implementations are siloed and proprietary. Further very few of these segment-aware applications expose services to the underlying segment mechanism, making integrations — with regard to segments — difficult if […]

Java Object Cache in a clustered WebCenter Portal (Spaces) environment

When working with WebCenter Spaces it is recommended to configure the Java Object Cache (JOC) to increase performance as described in following section of the Enterprise Deployment Guide.In a clustered environment the JOC is responsible for synchronizi…

Setting-up Disaster Recovery for WebCenter Sites

Introduction   Every time we are implementing WebCenter Sites, the question of disaster recovery (DR) always comes up. To setup disaster recovery for WebCenter Sites is fairly simple. Typically, WebCenter Sites has an Editorial and a Delivery system. Delivery is the place where web site visitors come and browse the web site. Editorial is used […]

Oracle HCM Cloud – Bulk Integration Automation Using SOA Cloud Service

Introduction Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools, templates, and pre-packaged integration to cover various scenarios using modern and efficient technologies. One of the patterns is the batch integration to load and extract data to and from the HCM cloud. HCM provides the following bulk integration interfaces and tools: HCM Data […]

Displaying Oracle Documents Cloud Services File Picker and Link Picker from other Domains

Introduction The Oracle Documents File Picker and Link Picker allow web applications to select files and folders that reside in the Oracle Documents Cloud Service. These Pickers can start from a specific folder and can further be restricted to a folder structure for a specific user and role when combined with the Oracle Documents App Link. Some of […]

Fusion HCM Cloud – Bulk Integration Automation Using Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Node.js

Introduction Fusion HCM Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools, templates, and pre-packaged integration to cover various scenarios using modern and efficient technologies. One of the patterns is the bulk integration to load and extract data to/from the cloud. The inbound tool is the File Based data loader (FBL) evolving into HCM Data Loaders (HDL). […]

Using CDN with WebCenter Sites 11gR1

1.    Introduction   WebCenter Sites has multiple layers of cache. Closest to the database server is the Result Set Cache, then Asset Cache, then WebCenter Sites Page Cache, and finally WebCenter Sites Co-Resident/Remote Satellite Server Cache. Many times Remote Satellite Server is projected as an edge cache. However, there are many limitations in using Remote […]

Integrating Oracle Fusion Applications – WebCenter / Universal Content Management (UCM) with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS)

Introduction   This article describes how to integrate Oracle Fusion Applications – WebCenter / Universal Content Management (UCM) with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). The integration pattern covered shares similarities to those addressed in the previously published A-Team blog on: “Integrating Oracle Fusion Sales Cloud with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS)”. The motivation behind this article […]

Concurrent Development Model for WebCenter Sites

1.0 Introduction   Several times we are asked the question, “I need to develop multiple versions of the Site at the same time. I have completed phase one and version 1.0 of the website is live on delivery. I am working on version 2.0 in the development environment. It will take another 3 weeks to […]

Optimizing EhCache configuration for WebCenter Sites

In this blog article I would like to share my ideas and strategies that I have used on how to configure WebCenter Sites’ page, pagelet and inCache. I will discuss several trade-offs in configuring the cache. I would not go into detail on ticket caching for CAS. This blog expects that you have a good […]

Using Oracle Documents Cloud REST API with Python Requests

Python Requests is a library that simplifies consuming RESTful resources from the client side. The Oracle Documents Cloud Service (DOCS) REST API fits well with Python Requests, allowing a service call to get a folder or file to be done in few lines of code. Since Python is naturally friendly to JSON responses, parsing the Response object can be […]

How to plan for “Modern Marketing” architectures

The days of the company website being the most important online marketing asset are long over. No matter how sexy/compelling/brilliant a website is it now represents just a small fraction of a customer’s journey. While still important, the website is just one piece of the online puzzle that needs to be addressed. And this brings […]

Integrating WebCenter Sites Community-Gadget with Social Networking

  You can download this paper by clicking here   Introduction   Recently I have had a few inquiries regarding integrating WebCenter Sites 11gR1 with social sites. There are several questions about whether there is an out-of-the-box integration or not, and if there is an out-of-the-box integration, what exactly does it provide. One reason for […]

Using File Based Loader for Fusion Product Hub

Using File Based Loader for Fusion Product Hub Introduction File Based Loaders (FBL) offer a broad bandwidth of varieties to import batch data manually by user interaction or automated via locally scheduled processes using existing API’s and Web Services. This article will highlight the Fusion Product Hub specific capabilities to import item data in a […]

Should Remote Satellite Server be used for Edge Caching?

  Should Remote Satellite Server be used for Edge Caching? Lately, I have come across a few clients wanting to use WebCenter Sites Remote Satellite Server (rSS) as an edge cache – to cache content closer to the end client. Typical pattern is the client wants to have WebCenter Sites delivery servers in a data […]

Calling Oracle Documents Cloud Service REST APIs from WebCenter Content Custom Components

Files from Oracle Documents Cloud Service can be migrated to and from WebCenter Content using the SkySync desktop application, which makes for simple transferring between WCC and ODCS. However, other use cases with ODCS may be desired from within WCC itself. To interact with ODCS from WCC, a custom component can be created to call […]

Integrating with Documents Cloud using a Text Editor as an example

Introduction Oracle Documents Cloud Service provides a powerful REST API and embed tools allowing integrate with almost anything today. This section will cover a web text editor reading and sending html/text content to the Documents Cloud using basic javascript and JQuery. The first example covers the basic action to load a text area and send […]