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Configure IPoIB on Solaris 10 branded zone

Compute nodes in Exalogic communicate with each other and mount their shares from the ZFS storage appliance over the bond0 interface. Bond0 is a highly available network interface over the InfiniBand fabric using a portability layer called IPoIB that allows compute nodes and the storage appliance to communicate using TCP/IP protocol over InfiniBand.

In previous entry, we have created a Solaris 10 branded zone, obviously we would also like the branded zone to be able to mount shares from the ZFS storage appliance over IPoIB.

In this entry, I’ll show you the steps.

1. Create new IB partition links

Login to the global zone as root user and run the following commands


#dladm create-part -P ffff -l ibp0 s10zone0_bond0_0 #dladm create-part -P ffff -l ibp1 s10zone0_bond0_1


Check if the IB partition links are successfully created using the following command:


root@el01cn01:/# dladm show-part LINK PKEY OVER STATE FLAGS bond0_0 FFFF ibp0 up ---- bond0_1 FFFF ibp1 up ---- s10zone0_bond0_0 FFFF ibp0 unknown ---- s10zone0_bond0_1 FFFF ibp1 unknown ----


2. Add new IB partition links to zone

Use the following commands to add the IB partition links to our branded zone.


root@el01cn01:/# zonecfg -z s10-zone zonecfg:s10-zone> add net zonecfg:s10-zone:net> set physical=s10zone0_bond0_0 zonecfg:s10-zone:net> end zonecfg:s10-zone> add net zonecfg:s10-zone:net> set physical=s10zone0_bond0_1 zonecfg:s10-zone:net> end zonecfg:s10-zone> verify zonecfg:s10-zone> commit zonecfg:s10-zone> exit


3. Configure bond0 on Solaris 10 branded zone

Boot up the branded zone and login to the console as root and create the following files in /etc directory.

# cat hostname.bond0 ipmp group bond0 IP_ADDR netmask NETMASK up # cat hostname.s10zone0_bond0_0 group bond0 # cat hostname.s10zone0_bond0_1 group bond0 standby


Where IP_ADDR and NETMASK are the IP address and netmask that you want to assign, e.g. and
Reboot the zone and you should be able to see bond0 up and running.

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