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Connect from on-premise to Object Storage via FastConnect

Catalin Andrei
Cloud Networking Solutions Architect

In this article, we will focus on the connectivity between a host from on-premise and service in OCI (for example Object Storage) via FastConnect.

Traditionally the Object Storage was accessible via the Internet. With the online threats growing every day, enterprises want to “hide” the connections to Object Storage from the Internet attackers.

A prerequisite for moving forward is a BGP connection from on-premise to OCI, the cloud artifacts: VCN, DRG, Service Gateway.

The network topology that will be used is depicted in the following picture:

We will try to connect from on-premise via the FastConnect to the VCN and from the VCN via the SGW to the Object Storage.

First, we will create the bucket and upload a file (I uploaded a pdf with a presentation on OCI).

Create a Pre-Authenticated request in order to access the file.

Create a route-table and attach it to the DRG. In that route-table create an entry that will add routes via the Service Gateway for the Object Storage.

Create a route-table and associate it with the Service gateway. In that table add routes for the on-premise subnets.

Verify that on-premise there are routes received.

Resolve the Object Storage endpoint address and verify that it is included in the subnets received via BGP.

Transfer the file from Object Storage to the on-premise via FastConnect.

With this, we successfully proved the connectivity between Object Storage and on-premise is working via FastConnect.

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