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Connecting Oracle Analytics Cloud to Private Autonomous Databases


Note: Private Access Channel is now available in Oracle Analytics and is recommended by Oracle for new connections to private data sources. For more information on the feature and the data sources it supports refer to:
    Connect to Private Data Sources Through a Private Access Channel
    Supported Data Sources
    A-Team Chronicles Private Access Channel Series

Last Validation: October 19, 2020 for OAC 105.8


This post details the steps required to create private Autonomous Database (ADB) data connections. Data connections are used for Data Visualization (DV) data sets. Note: at this time a private ADB may not be used with console or replication connections.

ADB refers to both Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing databases.

For additional details on ADW, visit the Autonomous Data Warehouse page. For additional details on OAC, visit the Analytics Cloud page.

Refer here for details on creating RPD connections to private autonomous databases.


October 19, 2020 for OAC 5.8

May 19, 2020 for OAC 5.6 

April 27, 2020 for OAC 5.5 


Before You Begin

Creating an ADB Data Connection

 Before You Begin

Before creating private ADB connections, you must have an ADB wallet zip file, credentials for an ADB schema owner and Remote Data Gateway (RDG) deployed and connected to OAC.

Obtaining an ADB Wallet Zip File

Refer here for the steps to obtain an ADB Wallet Zip File.

Obtaining ADB Credentials

If you provisioned ADB, use those credentials (username and password) or obtain the credentials from an ADB administrator.

Deploying Remote Data Gateway

Remote Data Gateway is required by OAC to access most databases with private end points including a private ADB. Refer here for various deployment strategies.

Additional RDG Considerations

If the RDG is installed in a different Virtual Cloud Network than the ADB, refer here for additional instructions.

 Creating an ADB Data Connection

A data connection is used to create DV data sets.

Click Home to return to the DV home page

Click Create

Click Connection

Click an ADB connection type

Complete the connection details and click Save.

Provide a Connection Name and optionally a Description.

Click Select and choose the Client Credentials zip file download from the ADB. The cwallet.sso file is extracted from the zip file by OAC and shown in the window.

Use the Username e.g. Admin and Password specified when the ADB instance was created or a different Schema's credentials.

Choose the Service Name from the drop-down list provided. The list comes from the tnsnames.ora file that is also in the zipped file.

Check the Use Remote Data Connectivity box.

You can now create DV data sets from the connection.


This post detailed the steps required to create private Autonomous Database (ADB) data connections.

For other posts relating to analytics and data integration visit http://www.ateam-oracle.com/dayne-carley


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