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Consolidate tasks from Oracle applications cloud and other applications into a single list of tasks

by Mani Krishnan

In today’s enterprise, users must expect to multitask in order to achieve higher productivity. Thus, tasks and lists of tasks become necessary features of most enterprise applications-such as ERP, HCM or CRM--for improving user productivity. Tasks can range from simple to-dos that remind the assignee about activities outside the application to approvals for HR, finance or sales transactions.                          

Enterprise users commonly must deal with multiple task lists from applications from various vendors and from homegrown applications.  For a single user to access multiple web sites to look up tasks on a daily basis defeats the purpose that tasks lists are meant to serve. 

For example, Oracle provides a common list of tasks for integrated cloud applications, such as HCM, ERP, Supply chain and Sales.  Additionally, customers might want to extend the approval capabilities with PaaS, by using business process management (BPM) products such as Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)-process.  In such scenarios, the users would be required to check two lists of tasks. 

A list of tasks that consolidates tasks from multiple applications can significantly improve productivity of enterprise users by eliminating the need to check multiple lists for any pending activity and take action.

Unified task list for SaaS and PaaS 

Oracle’s A-team has developed a sample application to provide a single, consolidated list of tasks for one or more applications. This application is developed on Visual Builder and supports integration with one or more of Oracle application cloud and OIC-process instances. With some modifications, you can tailor this sample to accommodate other SaaS and PaaS applications as well.

The sample code is available for download from GitHub.

Oracle’s Architecture Center Team has published  a solution, authored by Edwin Spear, that walks you through the steps for implementing this sample application and describes such details  as prerequisites, security requirements and how to configure Oracle applications cloud and Visual Builder. We encourage you to try the solution and leave us your comments or questions!


Consolidate Tasks from Multiple Oracle Applications into a Unified List
Code sample for unified task list for Oracle applications cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud