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Deploying Native GoldenGate in the Oracle Cloud

Validated May 21, 2021 with GG 21.1


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle GoldenGate is now available and can be deployed natively with a public or private endpoint.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate is a fully managed, native cloud service that moves data in real-time, at scale. OCI GoldenGate processes data as it moves from one or more data management systems to target databases. You can also design, run, orchestrate, and monitor data replication tasks without having to allocate or manage any compute environments.

Refer here for the official documentation.

This post is a step-by-step guide for deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle GoldenGate in a private subnet.


May 21, 2021 with GG 21.1


Before You Begin

Deploying OCI Native Oracle GoldenGate

Validating Access to the Private GG Endpoint


 Before You Begin and Assumptions ℘


GG Oracle GoldenGate
VCN Virtual Cloud Network
OCI Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Deploy OCI Components

Create a VCN using the VCN QuickStart feature documented here.


A user account in an OCI tenancy for managing GoldenGate and network resources

Initial State



 Deploying OCI Native Oracle GoldenGate

Create a small development instance of native GoldenGate.

From the OCI menu, navigate to Oracle Database > GoldenGate, choose your compartment and region and click Create Deployment.

General Information

Enter a Name
Select a private subnet from the Subnet in dropdown.
Choose a License Type
Click Advanced Options
Check the box for Create Public Endpoint
Accept the other defaults and click Next

GoldenGate Details

Enter a GoldenGate Instance Name
Enter an Administrator Username 
Enter and Confirm an Administrator Password
Click Create

The deployment enters the Creating state.

Deployed State



 Validating Access to the Private GG Endpoint 

When the deployment reaches the Active state, click Launch Console

Sign in to the GG Service Manager using the case-sensitive administrator name and password.



This post provided a step-by-step guide for deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle GoldenGate in a private subnet.

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