Development Lifecycle for Task Flows in Oracle WebCenter Portal Builder


This articles promotes the paper published by A-Team which steps you through the development lifecycle of a sample task flow in WebCenter Portal Builder. The document shows how to develop and test a task flow in JDeveloper, then describes how to deploy, redeploy, and use the task flow in WebCenter Portal, as well as consuming Web Services from the task flow and register the end point web service connection from Enterprise manager. The paper supplements the information found in “Planning a Portal with WebCenter Portal”, available at:

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A-Team recently published paper which steps you through the development lifecycle of task flows in WebCenter Portal Builder. The guide intends to show in details all major developments steps and ships with the following sample JDeveloper applications:

  • GenericWebService – Includes a web service that returns a simple user collection with information. This sample web service is consumed by the sample task flow. To follow along with this paper, you must first import the GenericWebService project into JDeveloper and deploy the web service to a managed server accessible from WebCenter Portal.
  • GenericServiceConsumer – Includes a sample task flow and a test page that enables you to test the task flow independently from WebCenter Portal.
  • Deployer– Part of the GenericServiceConsumer application.  Used to deploy the sample task flow (as an ADF shared library WAR file) to the WebCenter Portal managed server.

The high-level steps involved, as well as the individual actions comprising each step, described in the guide are depicted here:





The overall flow is illustrated in this diagram:





This guide is now officially linked to the WebCenter Portal Documentation under the section “Tutorial for WebCenter Portal Shared Library Developers“:

You can download the guide using following direct link:

The sample application can be downloaded from Oracle Knowledge Base from the Knowledge Base Article: Doc ID: 1634739.1


  1. Baljinder Singh says:

    Is it possible to deploy shared library without restarting managed server in 12c?

  2. Todor Gigilev says:

    Using this mechanism you can add the newly developed taskflow on a webcenter page via composer.
    Please confirm that following the outlined procedure WILL NOT need WebCenter redeploy, because we are adding the shared lib and TF in runtime.

    • This approach does not require to redeploy WebCenter Portal, but new restart of the portal is required in order for the portal to get the latest shared library installations.

      • Go?khan C?oban says:

        Is there a way not to restart the WebCenter Portal server in order to use the latest shared library? Restarting the Portal server takes about 10 minutes. I need to minimize this time requirement. Any offer will be appreciated.

        • Unfortunately in the current release there is no supported way to do this without to restart the managed server. What you could do on production environment, you could create cluster groups and not restart the all cluster but group by group to handle the restart without downtime.

          • Baljinder Singh says:

            Is it possible to deploy shared library without restarting managed server in 12c?

  3. Pedro Herran says:

    Hi, I can’t access the doc id 1634739.1 in the KnowledgeBase in, Is there any other location this can be downloaded from?

    • Pedro, that’s correct the doc id has limited access. You could still get access to the code when you open request to Oracle Support and agree on the required access policies with them. However the cookbook guide, is step by step book, if you follow the instructions inside, which I could recommend you, everything required is already within the document.

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