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FAQ: Integrating E-Business Suite using Integration Cloud Service

Naveen Nahata
Solution Architect

1. Is the connectivity agent necessary for the EBS Adapter even when my services are deployed inside DMZ and publically accessible.

No. The connectivity agent is only required when EBS REST services are not available on public internet.

2. Can I connect to EBS database from ICS and invoke PL/SQL procedures?

Yes, you can use DB adapter. However, JDBC connections are not allowed by ICS so the connectivity agent is required to connect to EBS database

3. Is it required for the connectivity agent to be accessible from ICS?

No. ICS does not call the connectivity agent. Instead the connectivity agent calls ICS. Since it is a HTTPS call over port 443, most organizations do not restrict it.

4. Our organization requires a proxy to connect to internet. How do I handle it?

The connectivity agent allows the use of proxy. You can provide proxy details such as proxy host/port and optional username/password as parameters to the startup script.


5. How does ICS invoke EBS web services or PL/SQL procedures when it can connect to neither the database/web server nor the connectivity agent.

Whenever ICS needs to communicate with EBS or its database, it posts a message in a queue. Connectivity agent periodically polls this queue and retrieves the messages. It then invokes EBS web services or makes a database call.

6. I've created an integration which is triggered on an EBS Business Event. How does connectivity agent handle this?

The connectivity agent is only required during the intial activation of the integration. Once the integration is activated, its endpoint is registered with EBS Workflow Business Event System. EBS directly invokes ICS integration when the event fires.

You can check this by opening the Business Event and looking at the subscription ICS creates.

7. I have changed the ICS credentials. How do I make sure my EBS integrations do not break.

You will need to update the new ICS credentials in 2 places

a. Change the ICS credentials passed to the agent startup script

./startAgent.sh -u=[ICS User] -p=[ICS User Password]

b. Update the credentials in EBS database for Business Event subscriptions to work.

sqlplus apps/<apps password>
@$FND_TOP/sql/afvltput.sql FND REST_USERNAME <ICS User>
@$FND_TOP/sql/afvltput.sql FND REST_PASSWORD <ICS User Password>


8. How do I install the connectivity agent

Please follow this blog http://www.ateam-oracle.com/integration-cloud-service-ics-on-premise-agent-installation/

9. Does the connectivity agent need to be upgraded after every ICS upgrade?

It is not mandatory, however, it is recommended. You should upgrade the agent as soon as you have a maintenance window.

10. I'm creating an integration which is triggered on Customer Account Creation business event. However, I do not see all the fields in the ICS mapper.

Business event payload doesn't contain all the fields. It does however contain the identifier for the entity. You can make an enrichment call using either the database adapter or the EBS adapter to retrieve more information about the entity which triggered the event.


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