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Getting Started with WebCenter Portal - Content Contribution Project - Part 2


This continues for part 1 and dives into the runtime environment setup of WebCenter portal project.

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After following Part 1, the application looks like this:


Runtime Activities

In order to Edit the page an Administrator login is needed. User can login by clicking the Login link.



Update Content

Hit Ctrl+Shift+C to enable contribution mode. In this mode the user can update the content on page eg: replacing image from content server or changing text.image025

Add new content

A new content can be added on the page by adding a Content Presenter from Resource Catalog.

Hit Ctrl+Shift+E to reload the page in Edit mode.


To add a content from WebCenter Site Studio region definition click on "Create Web Content" button. The detailed process of how to setup site studio region for consumption in content presenter is given in this blog


Clicking on the Create WebContent will however give a 404 page even though Content server is running. The reason being that the popup contains an iframe which points to <portal-hostname>/cs. In order to get this working on local machine both portal and content should be served via same web server.


OHS Configuration

The OHS configuration needs to be changed to point both Local portal and remote content.

In our test environment the ohs and content are on a local VM while JDeveloper integrated server is running on desktop machine. Hence we use Virtualbox Host Network IP address. If the ohs is installed locally then hostname can be used. While if ohs is external then desktop's IP address can be used. Make sure external ohs has access to both content server and desktops integrated server.


Open the mod_wl_ohs.conf file located in WebTier installation


Add the highlighted code below. Make sure to replace the Host IP accordingly. Port number is the integrated server port which is shown in browser during previous run.

Also make sure a <Location> tag for /cs is created as well.


Restart OHS and run the page with URL like http://<ohs-hostname>/mycontent which will route the jdeveloper page via OHS.

Follow the Edit steps again to select region and content from the Content server seamlessly.



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