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Global debugging ATG Commerce applications


When encountering a complex problem in an ATG Commerce application, or not knowing where to even start troubleshooting, global debugging can be helpful.

Global debugging overrides the loggingDebug settings of all components, in all scopes, regardless of their individual loggingDebug settings. This is achieved through an entry in a single file that appears at the end of the CONFIGPATH, which is how it overrides all other settings.

You can configure other settings globally in this file as well, but this post will focus on debugging.

Enable global debugging

Go to your $ATG_HOME/localconfig directory. If the file GLOBAL.properties does not exist, create it.

For example: /u01/atg11.2/home/localconfig/GLOBAL.properties

Add the line loggingDebug=true to the file and save.

Restart the ATG instance(s) you want to debug.

Remember to remove or disable this global override when you are done debugging.

Global debugging generates a significant amount of log data, and can impact the performance of the instance(s) it is enabled on, and possibly the entire system if the disks become overwhelmed.

Reduce logging

The following components are some of the noisier components, generating frequent debug data. If you know you do not require the output, you can disable loggingDebug in /dyn/admin for these, and make the logs easier to trace through.

  • /atg/dynamo/transaction/TransactionManager
  • /atg/dynamo/transaction/TransactionDemarcationLogging
  • Any repository you do not need debug data from. i.e.
    • /atg/commerce/pricing/priceLists/PriceLists
    • /atg/userprofiling/ProfileAdapterRepository

Note that the debugLevel of repositories is not changed by enabled global debugging. All repositories will still be at the default debugLevel(5). You will need to adjust this level if you require additional repository debugging data.

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