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GoldenGate Cloud Service (GGCS): Applying Patches to GoldenGate


This document will walk you through how to patch the Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) in the GoldenGate Cloud Services (GGCS).

When there is a patch available for install in to your environment, you will see a message similar to one shown in Figure 1, in your GGCS environment. Before proceeding to apply the patch, stop the processes which are in running state (extract/replicat and manager). The patch process will fail if there are any processes in running state. Although not mandatory, it is a best practice to perform a backup of your GGCS environment before applying the patch.

Figure 1: Message showing there is a patch available for install


Figure 1 shows two GoldenGate services provisioned, the top one, service ogg-ateam-sourav is on GoldenGate version and the bottom one, ateam-sm-ogg-122 is version The patch is available for ateam-sm-ogg-122 service. Click on the highlighted message to see the patch details - shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Screen shot showing patch details



The new patch available for install is PSU Update


Figure 3: Screen shot showing patch details



Click on the highlighted Action Menu on the right side of Patch information as shown in Figure 3 to select Precheck or Patch.Clicking the Precheck will check to make sure that the environment ready for patching. If you have any processes in running state, you will see a message that the Precheck failed. If the Precheck completes successfully, you will get the Green Tick mark as shown in Figure 3 and the Precheck summary. Clicking on Patch will open a window as shown in Figure 4 where informational notes about the patch can be entered.


Figure 4: Screen shot showing adding patch notes




After entering notes, click on Patch to start installing the patch. You will see an hourglass while the patch is being applied and a Green Tick Mark when the installation completes successfully - Figure 5


Figure 5: Screen shot showing successful installation of the patch



The patch applied can be rolled back by clicking on the Blue Roll Back button.

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