How to implement a custom WCS flex filter

I recently was made aware of a document authored by Noël Jaffré of OCS/EMEA that describes very succinctly how to implement a custom flex filter class for use with WebCenter Sites flex assets. Rather than refactor his well-written document, I simply present it here in its entirety. Anyone who is scratching their head wondering where to start with regards to flex filters should consult this document as well as the official documentation contained in Chapter 17, “Flex Filters.” of the WebCenter Sites Developer’s Guide. Additionally, he provides the base classes that he describes in his document, making this an invaluable resource for any WCS developer.

NOTE: the above-mentioned PDF document and code is provided “as is” without any warranty, implied or otherwise. The code was written for WCS 11.* but should also work for WCS 7.6.2 (however, it has not been tested on WCS 7.6.2, leaving that task up to the individual developer)


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