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How to Recover the RPD Repository Password in Fusion Applications or OBIEE


The RPD Repository file contains the metadata to create reports.  This includes details of the physical data sources and connections, the business model mapping with joins, and the presentation layer that is presented to report writers.  The RPD file is encrypted with the Repository Password.  Without that password - the BI Administration tool can not open the RPD file, and the RPD file cannot be published.

This article provides the steps on how to retrieve the password should it be lost or forgotten.  While this is written in terms of Fusion Applications, the same principals apply to the RPD file for a stand alone OBIEE installation.


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First, you need to identify the current RPD.

Log into Enterprise Manager for the BI Domain, expand out Business Intelligence and select 'coreapplication'.

In the main screen, select the 'Deployment' tab.

This will show you the current RPD file.  In the example below, it's 'OracleBIApps_BI0029'




Next, you need to get the name of the corresponding password key for the current RPD file.

While still in enterprise manager, expand 'Weblogic Domain', and then right click on 'BIDomain' and select 'Security' and then 'Credentials'.




In the resulting detail, scroll down, expand the 'oracle.bi.enterprise' directory and locate the password key that matches the current RPD name from the previous step.

In this example the key is called 'repository.Oracle_BIApps_BI0029'



Now you need to open a terminal or dos window, and connect to WLST.

For Fusion Applications, you can use the $FA_HOME/fusionapps/oracle_common/common/bin directory

In OBIEE, the path would be $OBIEE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin

At the command prompt type ./wlst (or wlst.cmd if using windows)


Next you need to connect to the BI Domain on the correct port.

Type the command:   connect()

This will then prompt you for the username, password, host name and port you want to connect to.  This should be the details for the BI Domain Admin Server, or the OBIEE Admin Server.  See the screenshot below for additional details.



Finally - at the wls command prompt, you should use the 'listCred' command to identify the name of the key that you need the password for.

Use the syntax:  listCred(map="oracle.bi.enterprise",key="#NAME OF KEY")

This will provide you with the lost password:



If you need a copy of the latest RPD file itself, you can find that in the path:


Copy it to the local machine, open with the rediscovered password, and you're back in business !


This article provided the steps to recover the password for an RPD Repository file.

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