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Importance of Wrapper in WebCenter Sites11gR1

Vivek Singh
Principal Solutions Architect

Download the full White Paper Importance of Wrapper in WebCenter Sites

Page Caching is an important paradigms in WebCenter Sites. Page Caching is instrumental in achieving optimum performance. But Page Caching is not a switch that can be turned on or off after all the development work is done. Page Caching needs to be taken into account during design and development.

One of the basic rules about page caching is all the parameters must be passed to the template that is to be cached. We cannot read say a session variable, or a cookie inside the template that needs to be cached. These must be read earlier and then passed as parameters to the template to be cached.

This is facilitated by using a Wrapper. Wrapper provides a place where such functionality should be implemented.

The main advantages of Wrapper are that it provides:
• A single control element that is called first, before the page is rendered.
• A central place, where we can perform authentication/authorization check.
• An element where we can read different parameters like cookies, locale, user profile data, and then set up segments/personalization accordingly.
• It gives an ability to cache the Layout or other child templates, by setting up all the parameters that are needed to cache them.
• Setting up parameters for Previewing the page.

In this white paper, I examine different aspects of Wrapper, discuss the advantages of using a Wrapper, how to set it up, how to make sure Wrapper works with Friendly URLs, and how to use Wrapper for Preview functionality in WebCenter Sites Management.

You can download the full White Paper Importance of Wrapper in WebCenter Sites here

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