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Installing and Configuring BI Admin Tool for Fusion Applications


The Repository, or 'RPD', is the file that contains the metadata for the BI Server in Fusion Applications.  This includes database connections, tables, joins, and structure by which these are presented to the report writer.  In order to read, or make changes to the RPD file, the BI Administration Tool must be installed.

While the install is fairly simple, there are a couple of ‘gotchas’ that can slow the process down.

This post provides these steps.


Installing the BI Admin Tool

The BI Admin tool needs to be run on Windows OS.  Furthermore, it should be installed on a 64 bit version of windows.  While it will run on 32 bit, the user will likely experience memory issues opening and editing the large RPD file that comes with Fusion Applications.

The version of the BI Admin tool used is also important. If the RPD is opened in the incorrect version, the RPD may be upgraded and rendered incompatible with the version of Fusion Applications.

Locating and Installing Software

There are 2 preferred methods to obtain the correct version of the BI Admin tool.

  • From the Oracle Fusion Applications BIEE Analytics Home – download the 64 bit windows Oracle BI Client Installer:


  • copy it from the BI Server from this path: FA_HOME/fusionapps/bi/clients/biserver/biee_client_install_x64.exe

On the 64 bit windows machine, run the biee_client_install_x64.exe executable and install the BI Admin tool.

Set up ODBC Connection to Fusion Applications

Before you can set up the ODBC connection from the windows machine, you will need to locate the correct port on the Fusion Applications BI Server – typically it’s 10206, but if ports were changed as part of the FA install.

  • Login to the BI Server’s Enterprise Manager Console.
  • Expand ‘Business Intelligence’ within the ‘Farm_BIDomain’ and select ‘coreapplication’. Select ‘Overview’ and the sub tab ‘Processes’.
  • Expand the BI Servers, and make a note of the port number.

On the windows machine, create a new ODBC Connection. Select the ‘Oracle BI Server’ driver.

Enter the Server name for the host that contains the BI Domain.

If necessary – add an entry to the windows/system32/drivers/etc file, so that the windows machine can resolve the host name.

Enter the BI Server port (from previous step) and the user name / password you plan to connect with.

Connect to RPD in BI Admin Tool

The user can now connect to the BI Server in On-Line mode and can update the ‘live’ RPD. Depending on network speed and the size of the RPD – this can be a very slow process.  It can also be dangerous – updating the live RPD that Fusion Applications users and reports are currently working with should only be used with extreme caution.

A better solution is to copy the RPD file from the BI Server to a local or shared drive that the windows client can access, updating the RPD in off-line mode, and then publishing through the BI Server’s Enterprise Manager console.

The RPD files are stored in the following path on the BI Server:

BIInstance/bifoundation/OracleBIServerComponent/coreapplication_obis1/repository directory

Installing and Configuring BI Admin Tool for Fusion Applications

This directory contains both the current RPD, and all previous versions.

To identify which is the current version – log into Enterprise Manager, go to the ‘Business Intelligence / coreapplication’ section and select the ‘Deployment / Repository’ tabs. This will identify the current version of the RPD.

Copy that RPD version locally or to the shared directory so that you know you are working with the most recent version of the RPD.



This post provided the steps to locate and install the BI Administration Tool software, to set up the ODBC connections, and to identify the correct RPD file within Fusion Applications to connect to.

For additional documentation on Fusion Applications, see Oracle's Technical Network.

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