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Using eBS Adapter in Integration Cloud Service - Part 1: Installing eBusiness Suite Integrated SOA Gateway for REST Services

Stefan Koser
Consulting Solutions Architect


Integration Cloud Service (ICS) enables connecting applications in the cloud or on-premise. It also provides an adapter for eBusiness Suite. This eBS adapter is different than the eBS adapter in SOA Suite - it does not use a database connection. Instead it uses the REST services provided by eBS as part of Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG).

Update August 2019: Please note that this blog was written in 2016 when eBS 12.2.4 was available. Current version is 12.2.8. Although much of this blog still applies, some steps may be different meanwhile. Please visit https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26401_01/index.htm for the latest

This article describes the steps needed to get eBusiness Suite including ISG REST services ready - not only for ICS (These instructions apply as well if you want to use REST services without ICS):

ISG requires some additional patches on top of eBS 12.2.4 - this is shown in this first part.

In a second part which you can find here, we show how to enable the REST metadata provider for ICS and test eBS REST services - both from a native REST client and from ICS using the adapter.


As a starting point, we assume eBusiness Suite version 12.2.4. We will show the steps needed using the eBusiness Suite Virtual Appliance which is available from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (https://edelivery.oracle.com). Search for product "Oracle VM Virtual Appliances for Oracle E-Business Suite" under category "Linux/OVM/VMs". Be sure to select the 12.2.4 version: "Oracle VM Virtual Appliances for Oracle E-Business Suite for x86 64 bit, 41 files". You only need to download all files marked with "Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 Single Node Vision Install X86 (64 bit)" for this exercise.

Using this VM, we will focus on the basic steps needed to get REST services running - this will not include steps required for a production type setup, for example setup of SSL etc.

See also blog https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/entry/e_business_suite_12_2

ISG REST services are part of core eBS 12.2 without the need for additional licenses.  (ISG SOAP services - which are not needed for ICS - would require additional license of SOA Suite with eBS 12.2)

For running the VM, we will use Oracle Virtualbox 5.0.16. All steps are executed for Oracle Linux 6 (x86).

Now, download all patches needed later from MOS - see Appendix.

General Patching Procedure

The overall procedure for patching is described in MOS Note 1617461.1 - Applying the Latest AD and TXK Release Update Packs to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2

The overall procedure for installing ISG is described in MOS Note 1311068.1 - Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12.2. Only steps for REST services in sections B and C are relevant.

Step 1 - Extract and Test the downloaded VM Image

After downloading, extract the VM using the following script - and import the resulting OVA file in Virtualbox.

for i in *.zip
unzip $i

cat Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.00 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.01 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.02 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.03 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.04 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.05 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.06 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.07 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.08 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.09 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.10 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.11 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.12 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.13 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.14 \
Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova.15 > Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.4_VISION_INSTALL.ova

After startup of the VM, try login as root. This will ask for new passwords for users root, oracle and applmgr.

Next, check the network configuration: ebs.example.com must be resolvable in the VM. Then start the DB and App tier using the scripts startvisiondb.sh and startvisionapps.sh

The scripts to manage the Oracle E-Business Suite single node Vision installation are:

SCRIPTS BASE_DIR                      : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/
START SCRIPT FOR DB                   : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/startvisiondb.sh
STOP SCRIPT FOR DB                    : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/stopvisiondb.sh
START SCRIPT FOR APPS                 : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/startvisionapps.sh
STOP SCRIPT FOR APPS                  : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/stopvisionapps.sh
DB RE-CONFIG SCRIPT                   : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/visiondbconfig.sh
APPS RE-CONFIG SCRIPT                 : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/visionappsconfig.sh
DB CLEANUP SCRIPT                     : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/visiondbcleanup.sh
APPS CLEANUP SCRIPT                   : /u01/install/VISION/scripts/visionappscleanup.sh
CONFIGURE A NEW WEB ENTRY POINT       : /u01/install/scripts/configwebentry.sh

You now should be able to login to eBS home page using http://ebs.example.com:8000 using for example user SYSADMIN/sysadmin.

Step 1a - Change to graphical desktop (optional)

If you rather like to work with a graphical desktop that with the default command line shell provided by the VM, log into VM as root and execute

yum install oraclelinux-release

yum groupinstall Desktop

Change runlevel in /etc/inittab from 3 to 5.

Step 1b - Change tnsnames.ora

Edit /u01/install/VISION/11.2.0/network/admin/tnsnames.ora

(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = slc01ozg.us.oracle.com)(PORT = 1521))

Change slc01ozg.us.oracle.com to ebs.example.com and verify with tnsping EBSDB that this works fine.

Step 2 - Upgrade FMW - Apply Patch 20642039

Verify FMW Version: WLS is (using WLS Console http://localhost:7001/console)

Download patch 20642039 and execute

export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/install/VISION/fs2/FMW_Home/oracle_common

opatch apply

If you encounter the following error, then correct the ORACLE_HOME to /u01/install/VISION/fs2/FMW_Home/oracle_common before running opatch.

OPatch could not find OUI based inventory in the Oracle Home

Step 3 - Attach DB Home

cd /u01/install/VISION/11.2.0/oui/bin


Make sure the output looks like

The inventory is located at /u01/install/oraInventory
'AttachHome' was successful.

Step 3a - Check DB connectivity


cd. /u01/install/VISION/11.2.0/bin

export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/install/VISION/11.2.0


./sqlplus /NOLOG

connect / as sysdba

This must work`- otherwise adop apply with fail. If "connect / as sysdba" does not, work then check if  $TWO_TASK parameter is set:

echo $TWO_TASK

If this displays a value, execute

export TWO_TASK=

See note

UNIX: Checklist for Resolving Connect AS SYSDBA Issues (Doc ID 69642.1)

Step 4 - Run adgrants.sql

Before we can apply patches to eBS , we need to execute adgrants.sql - otherwise we will get the following error

AutoPatch error: Please apply adgrants.sql file in database tier before applying this patch

See note: E-Business Suite 12.2 R12.AD.C.DELTA.6 Patch 19197270 Fails With Error 'Please Apply adgrants.sql File In Database Tier Before Applying This Patch' (Doc ID 2039459.1)

Note: This issue can occur on other patches also.  You need to verify the version of adgrants.sql in all patches and run the highest version prior to attempting to apply the patches.

The EBS context file is located under /u01/install/VISION/fs2/inst/apps/EBSDB_ebs/appl/admin/EBSDB_ebs.xml


Follow these steps:

copy adgrants.sql from patch 22123818 (in subdirectory admin) to the DB server $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin. (backup the existing one before)



./sqlplus /NOLOG

@$ORACLE_HOME/admin/adgrants.sql APPS

(Parameter 1: APPS)

Output should look like

End of Creating PL/SQL Package AD_ZD_SYS.

Start of giving grants. This may take few minutes.

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


Commit complete.

Step 5 Run ETCC DB Checker

Install ETCC DB Checker via patch 17537119: Create a new directory /u01/install/VISION/11.2.0/appsutil/etcc, copy the zip file there and extract it.


cd  /u01/install/VISION/11.2.0/appsutil/etcc

./checkDBpatch.sh  /u01/install/VISION /11.2.0/appsutil/EBSDB_ebs.xml

If the utility ask for Database context file, then enter

Enter full path to Database context file: /u01/install/VISION/11.2.0/appsutil/EBSDB_ebs.xml

The tools was run successfully if you see the output similar to

Apply the missing bugfixes and then rerun the script.

Stored Technology Codelevel Checker results in the database successfully.

Finished prerequisite patch testing : Tue Apr 19 11:08:54 EDT 2016

Log file for this session: ./checkDBpatch_2810.log

Do not apply any of the recommendations made by the utility - we will skip those for this exercise. These should be installed however in a production environment.


If running the ETC DB Checker failed with the following error, the the previous step (attach DB home) has not been executed successfully:


./opatch lsinventory returns

Inventory load failed... OPatch cannot load inventory for the given Oracle Home.

Possible causes are:

   Oracle Home dir. path does not exist in Central Inventory

   Oracle Home is a symbolic link

   Oracle Home inventory is corrupted

LsInventorySession failed: OracleHomeInventory gets null oracleHomeInfo

OPatch failed with error code 73

See OPatch Fails With "LsInventorySession failed: OracleHomeInventory gets null oracleHomeInfo" (Doc ID 728417.1)

Step 6 - Run auto config

Source the run environment:

cd /u01/install/VISION

. ./EBSapps.env

and select the Run file system.

Then run


Provide APPS password.

Check that the output ends with

AutoConfig completed successfully.

Step 7 - Install eBS patches

Download all patches listed in the appendix and unzip it in the $PATCH_TOP directory - in our case


. <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run


Make sure you have started DB and Apps tier before the next steps.

After each execution, the output should be

adop exiting with status = 0 (Success)

Step 7a - Run prepare phase

After sourcing the run environment, execute

adop phase=prepare

This should take a while. The result should look like:

adop phase=prepare - Completed Successfully

Log file: /u01/install/VISION/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/12/adop_20160420_074702.log

adop exiting with status = 0 (Success)

If you receive the following error, then you have not executed auto config (step 6):

Worker count determination...

Validation successful. All expected nodes are listed in ADOP_VALID_NODES table.
[UNEXPECTED]adop is not able to detect any application tier nodes in FND_NODES table.
[UNEXPECTED]Ensure ICM is running and run autoconfig on all nodes
[UNEXPECTED]Error while checking if this is a multi node instance
Log file: /u01/install/VISION/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/adop_20160420_073426.log

Step 7b - Install patches 20745242 and 22123818


adop phase=apply patches=20745242,22123818 merge=yes

If you see this error

AutoPatch error:
Please apply adgrants.sql file in database tier before applying this patch

then an older adgrants.sql than from patch 22123818 has been applied before. The right version should be in our case

adgrants.sql 120.67.12020000.37 2015/12/18

Step 7c - Install patches 20784380, 22363475, and 22495069


adop phase=apply patches=20784380,22363475,22495069 merge=yes

Step 7d - Install patch 19259764


adop phase=apply patches=19259764

Step 7e - Install ISG consolidated patch 22328483:R12.OWF.C


adop phase=apply patches=22328483

If this patch is not applied, you will get the following error when restarting eBS Apps Tier:

Starting the Oracle E-Business Suite Application Tier Servicessh: /u01/install/VISION/fs2/inst/apps/EBSDB_ebs/admin/scripts/adstrta: No such file or directory
./startvisionapps.sh: line 75: l.sh: command not found

Step 7f - Run finalize and cutover


adop phase=finalize

adop phase=cutover

Step 7g -  Run adop cleanup

EBSDB environment has changed.
All users must re-source the environment using below command:
source /u01/install/VISION/EBSapps.env run|patch

Then execute

adop phase=cleanup

Step 7h - Run adop fs_clone


adop phase=fs_clone

This step wa the last patch necessary before we procees in part 2 with configuration and testing.

Step 8 - Verify eBS after Restart

Before we proceed with Part 2, verify that the eBS instance is working as expected after patching:

Restart DB and App tier:

cd /u01/install/VISION/scripts





If you run into the following error, then manually remove the line break accidentially inserted at line 75 in startvisionapps.sh:

Starting the Oracle E-Business Suite Application Tier Servicessh: /u01/install/VISION/fs2/inst/apps/EBSDB_ebs/admin/scripts/adstrta: No such file or directory
./startvisionapps.sh: line 75: l.sh: command not found

Login to eBS in a browser using SYSADMIN/sysadmin.

Navigate to Integrated SOA Gateway, Integration Repository, and search for services using "Employee" for "Business Entity" as filter.

You should see results similar to the following picture:




List of patches to be applied

No. Component Patch Title
20642039 WLS/FMW MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 20361466 20484781
20745242 eBS R12.AD.C.delta.7: R12.AD.C.DELTA.7 PATCH
22123818 eBS BUNDLE FIXES II FOR R12.AD.C.DELTA.7 (20745242)
20784380 eBS R12.TXK.C.delta.7: R12.TXK.C.DELTA.7
22363475 eBS BUNDLE FIXES II FOR R12.TXK.C.DELTA.7 (20784380)
22328483 eBS ISG Rest Services Consolidated Patch for 12.2.3+
17537119 eBS EBS Technology Codelevel Checker


Document  Title
Part 2 http://www.ateam-oracle.com/using-ebs-adapter-in-integration-cloud-service-part-2-configure-and-test-isg-rest-services/
1928303.1 Section 1.2.4: Using the Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle VM-based Installation
1311068.1 Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12.2
1355068.1 Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Patching Technology Components Guide
2008451.1 How To Run The 12.2 EBS Technology Code Level Checker (ETCC) ?
728417.1 OPatch Fails With "LsInventorySession failed: OracleHomeInventory gets null oracleHomeInfo"
2039459.1 E-Business Suite 12.2 R12.AD.C.DELTA.6 Patch 19197270 Fails With Error 'Please Apply adgrants.sql File In Database Tier Before Applying This Patch'

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