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Java Cloud Service Configuration for Installing WebCenter Sites 12C

Vivek Singh
Principal Solutions Architect


This article does not give the step-by-step procedure for installing WebCenter Sites 12c on JCS. To see the step-by-step procedure, including screen shots at every step, please download the paper by clicking here.


1. Introduction

Java Cloud Service needs to be properly configured for installing WebCenter Sites 12 C. There are a number of settings to be made, security applications and rules created, and ports opened. This document lists the changes to be made, and gives step-by-step guide including screen shots for each step. This document is valid for Java Cloud Service version 17.2.1-555.

The following settings are needed in Java Cloud Service to install WebCenter Sites 12 C:


2. Enable SSH Connection to Managed Serve

While doing WebCenter Sites Installation on 12c, you will need to ssh into the Managed Servers. SSH access to the admin node may be enabled while creating JCS. To enable SSH access to Managed Servers you need to create a security rule allowing ssh over internet to the Managed Servers.


3. Give HTTP Access to OTD Load Balancer

WebCenter Sites Installation can be done over https (recommended). This requires getting and installing security certificates. If you do not have the security certificates ready and would like to do the installation anyway, you will need to enable http access to OTD Load Balancer.

For this you need to:

* Enable http listener
* Create a Security Rule


4. Enable VNC Connection to Managed Servers

WebCenter Sites Installation requires VNC Server.


5. Enable Pings from Managed Servers to Database

WebCenter Sites 12c installation makes Ping requests from Managed Server to Database to check for connectivity. By default this is blocked in JCS and needs to be enabled. To enable ping access from Managed Server to Database server, you need to enable Pings from Managed Server to Database server and Ping-Reply from Database server to Managed Server.


6. Enable Pings from Managed Servers to Load Balancer

To enable Ping access from Managed Server to Load Balancer you need to enable Pings from Managed Server to Load Balancer and Ping-Reply from Load Balancer to Managed Server.


7. Set Load Balancer Parameters

To install WebCenter Sites 12C, we need to increase timeout and set some parameters in OTD. These parameters should be reduced appropriately after the installation.

The following parameters must be set:

* Unchunk Size = 102400000
* Request Header Timeout = -1

* IO Timeout = 1800
* Unchunk Timeout = -1
* Keep Alive: Enabled
* Keep Alive Timeout = -1


8. Set Stuck Thread Count in Weblogic Server

Set Stuck Thread Max Time in Weblogic Server Console to 1800.


9. Conclusion

In this paper I have only described the settings to be made, security applications and rules created, and ports opened in JCS to install WebCenter Sites 12C. All the settings described in this paper can be made after you have created DBCS and JCS instances, and before you actually start the installation procedure for WebCenter Sites.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are other settings that you need to make, say to configure OTD Load Balancer so it communicates with WebCenter Sites applications and acts as a front-end for them. You will need to follow the WebCenter Sites Installation Instructions for these other settings.


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This blog post does not have step-by-step procedure for making the settings. To see step-by-step procedure including screen shots at every step, please download the JCSConfigurationsForWCSInstall paper by clicking here.


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