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Oracle ATG Commerce Marketplace image for Oracle Public Cloud


Oracle ATG Commerce can be quickly installed and configured in Oracle Public Cloud(OPC) using Oracle provided images located in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

These images are based on the Oracle ATG Commerce provisioning process described in http://www.ateam-oracle.com/oracle-atg-commerce-iaascloud-provisioning/

A predefined configuration template, and corresponding orchestration files are provided; allowing the end user to have an ATG demo environment running quickly.


To utilize the Oracle Cloud Marketplace images for Oracle ATG Commerce, you must have an active domain/account in OPC with free compute resources.

To run the demo included with the images, your OPC domain must have at least the following available compute resources:

  • 14 OCPU
  • 7 Public IP addresses
  • 200GB block storage

You can create your own environment using a different layout/number of resources by following the user manual provided with the provisioning code. The predefined layout is provided to allow quick demonstration of the process.

Installation process

Screen shots of some steps below.

  • Go Oracle Cloud Marketplace and search for ATG Commerce.
    • Select the version of ATG you wish to use.
    • Click "Get App"
    • Follow the prompts to add the image to your OPC domain.
  • Make a copy of the demo orchestration scripts located at https://github.com/oracle/atg-commerce-iaas/tree/master/orchestration-sample
  • Edit all files as described in the README document included with the scripts
  • Upload the edited orchestration scripts to the Orchestrations tab of your Compute console. Do not upload the README file.
  • Start the orchestration that is labeled "RUN ME - Commerce Stack Setup". This is a top level, nested orchestration that will start all others in the correct order.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace image search:


Oracle Cloud Marketplace Get App


Start the ATG Demo


Stopping the demo

The environment is removed by stopping the orchestration that is labeled "RUN ME - Commerce Stack Setup".

This will remove all artifacts created by the orchestration process.

Monitor orchestration process

Periodically refresh the orchestration tab of your Compute domain. Once all orchestrations are listed as started, the installation and configuration process of the Oracle ATG Commerce stack will automatically begin.

It takes roughly 20-25 minutes for all software to be installed and configured.

Access admin consoles

From the instances tab of your Compute console, you will see the public IP addresses for the instances that have been created. These are the addresses you will use to access the admin consoles of the different installed products.

For purposes of the sample demo, firewall holes are automatically added to allow you to access the admin consoles remotely.

Consoles accessed with HTTPS may give a certificate warning as self signed certificates are used in the demo. You can add a temporary exception to your browser to allow access.

Product URL Username Password
WebLogic Admin HTTP http://<IP address of atgsupport>:7001/console weblogic Password123!
WebLogic Admin HTTPS https://<IP address of atgsupport>:7002/console weblogic Password123!
Endeca Admin http://<IP address of endeca1>:8006 admin Admin123!
Traffic Director Admin https://<IP address of otd>:8989 otd_admin Password123!
Oracle Enterprise Manager https://<IP address of atgdb>:1158/em sys Password123


Demo environment diagram

The demo environment configured by the provided setup looks as follows:


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