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Oracle Commerce Cloud and Oracle Engagement Cloud for Communications Integration Step by Step Visual Reference Series Section 1 - Configuring Engagement Cloud

Emma Thomas
Principal Solutions Architect

Section 1 - Configuring Engagement Cloud


This blog is the first part of a series of step-by-step guide to setting up a specific integration between Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud using Integration Cloud which is detailed here.  For a full introduction and guidance on how to use this guide please see Section 0 of this series. The numbers in this blog align with the numbers detailed in main guide.


1.Create the new defaultShippingAddress and defaultBillingAddress custom fields

Once logged into the system click on user dropdown in the top right hand corner and select “Manage Sandboxes”.

Note:  if you are already in a sandbox environment, you’ll see this as the sandbox environment currently in use is displayed in the middle beside search bar of the main page. In the image below the user is already working in a Sandbox called “AppCoreLonS8_ET5”.

Create a new Sandbox environment, by clicking Actions menu and selecting New.

Use an identifier in your new sandbox environment so you can find it easily again.

Set the created sandbox environment as active by highlighting the row and clicking “Set as Active”:

You will see the active sandbox’s name appear in the top left hand side of the navigation.


Next go to navigator in the top left of the screen, click the hamburger icon->click “more”..->Tools->Application Composer. Note: do not open application composer from the home screen.

To add your fields open the location below ( Standard Objects - Address - Fields. Click on the word Fields.  This will take you to the Fields view.

In the fields view, using the Action dropdown in the central area, select Create.

Select Checkbox type

To create defaultBillingAddress fill in the below:


Next create the defaultShippingAddress property:


You will now see the two fields in the Fields table:

Now publish the currently active sandbox. To do this, go to Manage Sandboxes from the User drop-down list and select the active sandbox from the list. Click the Publish button. This publishes the changes you just made to mainline.


2.Get the newly created custom address fields defaultShippingAddress and defaultBillingAddress into the OAIC mappings.


There are no screenshots as there are no configuration steps in this part, this section in the guide is for informational purposes.


3.Creating custom Relationship Types for Roles


The integration makes use of three roles which need to be configured in Engagement Cloud: Admin, Buyer and User.

Click the top left Navigator, click Setup and Maintenance. In the top left under the menu hamburger you can see a dropdown called Setup. Select Customer Data Management. In the Search Tasks box region, search for Manage Relationship Types.  Select the task “Manage Relationship Types”.



You will be redirected to this form. Under the Actions drop down click ”Create”.


Create Relationship Type called “Account Roles” don’t’ hit save yet. Create the following three roles.

You only need to create these three, the other items in the table below will be automatically created.

Click save and close at the relationship type level and done.

To verify you were successful, you will have a Relationship Type that looks like this:


These roles are the roles that appear in the OIC Lookup mapping which is already created out of the box:



4.Create a Source System Reference for Cloud Commerce in Oracle Integration Cloud.

To create a source system, perform the following steps:

Click the top left Navigator, click Setup and Maintenance.

In the top left under the menu hamburger you can see a dropdown called Setup. Select Customer Data Management

In the Search Tasks box region, search for Manage Trading Community Source Systems.

Double click the “Manage Trading Community Source Systems” this take you to the Manage Trading Community Source Systems page.

Under the Actions drop down select Create

and create and create a new source system for Commerce Cloud with the code COMMERCE_CLOUD.



  1. Data in App composer not saving due to using the link on the home page not the navigation menu.

You see the message: Error “ You have used Application Composer and other Sales Cloud pages concurrently in multiple tabs or windows of the same browser. (ZCX-3075154)

To ensure a consistent experience, always work within a single tab or window by using the Navigator to switch between Application Composer and other Sales Cloud pages.”


You have used the icon on the home page to access the application composer, make sure you use the navigation hamburger in the top left and the “more” link to access the application composer.


  1. You made a mistake creating the Relationship Type “Account Role”, Role and Phase pair now you can’t create it again and see this error:

Error: The relationship type name must be unique. (HZ-120316)

The relationship type name must be unique. (HZ-120316)

Enter the name of the relationship type, such as employment or subsidiaries. Relationship types categorize relationship phrases and roles



Cancel this page and click done, which will return to the gerneal setup page. Search for and select “Manage Relationship Lookups” and select HZ_RELATIONSHIP_TYPE. Delete the entry “Account Role” by highlighting the role and selecting delete from the Actions drop down.

*You don’t need to do this in a sandbox as it isn’t versioned.


  1. FUSION_APPS_ICS_APPID user missing in OEC for Comms

Main menu – Setup and Users. Search for FUSION_APPS_ICS_APPID

Add the user In the OEC security console

How do this can be viewed here , in the sections “Assigning Integration Roles”.


Next we will look at Section 2 - Configuring Oracle Integration Cloud. 



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