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Oracle® GoldenGate 12c Tutorial Oracle to Oracle Replication with Oracle Multitenant V12.1


Extract, Replicat and associated utilities enable you to create, load and refresh one Oracle database to another Oracle database.

This tutorial provides a quick overview of Oracle to Oracle database replication using Integrated Extract and Integrated Replicat for version 12c and above. Extraction from a Multitenant database is only supported by Integrated Extract.

This tutorial may be read to get a general overview of how Extract and Replicat operate. Alternatively, you can follow along each step of the way.  This tutorial utilizes an extract pulling data from a single PDB and sending the data across the network to the target system. Once the data is written to trail files on the target system it will be applied to a single PDB by a replicat.

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The reader will follow the steps in each phase of database load and replication in an Oracle 12.1 Multitenant environment.

Extract and Replicat work together to keep the databases in sync near real-time via incremental transaction replication. Perform this function by

  • Starting the Manager program on both the source and target systems.
  • Adding supplemental transaction log data for update operations.
  • Running the real-time Extract to retrieve and store the incremental changed data from the Oracle tables into trail files on the target Unix system.

Once the target database is created, it can be loaded with data from the Oracle source database. To load the target database via OGG tools by

  • Running the initial load Extract to retrieve, convert and output data from the Oracle tables.
  • Running the initial load Replicat to insert the initial data into the target database.


After initial synchronization,

  • Start the real-time Replicat to replicate extracted data.

Once Extract and Replicat are running, changes are replicated perpetually. At this point, we will also demonstrate the following functions.

  • How to retrieve information on Extract and Replicat status.
  • How to gracefully stop replication.
  • How to restart replication with transaction integrity.



This tutorial has provided a quick overview of what you need to do in order to replicate data from Oracle to Oracle in an Oracle 12.1 Multitenant Environment. Undoubtedly, you will eventually fine-tune this process in your own environment.

Reference the Oracle Database 12.1 Documentation for additional information on Multitenant.

Reference the Oracle GoldenGate 12c Reference Guide and the Oracle GoldenGate 12c  Administration Guide for additional information on:

Extract Parameters for Windows and Unix

Replicat Parameters for Windows and Unix

Extract Management Considerations

Replicat Management Considerations


Oracle Support Document 1960719.1 ( Oracle GoldenGate 12c Tutorial   Oracle to Oracle Replication with Oracle Multitenant Version12.1 ) can be found at:  




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