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Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Oracle GoldenGate Conflict Management


In a multi-master database environment where the occurrence of conflicts is possible during replication, it is highly desirable to have a conflict management scheme which is enforced as an exception rather than as a norm.  Typically, the chances of conflicts occurring during replication are low and hence, checking for conflicts every time before a record is applied on the target is not efficient.  However, at the same time it is highly important to ensure that when a conflicting scenario is encountered it is handled in the right manner.

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The goal of this document is to illustrate a generic approach which would handle conflicts as an exception.  The approach eliminates the need to check for conflict every time before a record is applied to the target table. It will check and handle conflicts only if  an exception occurs  when attempting to apply a record on the target table.

The approach described is the key focus of this document.  It illustrates the configuration and the procedure for handling conflicts as an exception using OGG. The sample implementation is provided to illustrate the approach and is specific to the requirements listed in this document and Oracle database. However, depending on the actual requirements and use cases different implementation should be pursued.  It is therefore, highly recommended to evaluate the implementation provided in this document from a functional, performance, and maintenance perspectives before adopting it in an actual use case.

The complete document can be found on the Oracle Support site under the document ID:1348990.1

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