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Oracle GoldenGate Best Practices: Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 integrated extract and Oracle Data Guard -- Switchover/failover operations


Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle's strategic replication solution for data distribution and data integration.  Oracle Data Guard is Oracle's strategic Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for the Oracle Database. It is common for customers to deploy both capabilities within the same configuration given the important role of each technology. For example, GoldenGate capture processes can be deployed on a source database that is also a primary or a standby database in a Data Guard configuration.  Likewise, a database that is a target for GoldenGate replication can also be a primary database protected by a Data Guard standby. This document provides best practices for managing such a configuration when Data Guard role transitions are necessary (switchover or failover operations where the primary and standby databases reverse roles).

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The configuration described by this document contains two databases:

  • A Data Guard primary database - that can also be either a target or source for GoldenGate replication
  • A Data Guard physical standby database - an exact replica of the primary database maintained by Data Guard for disaster recovery.

Data Guard offers three distinct protection levels - each having different data protection and performance characteristics - to provide customers the flexibility to address different requirements. Only Data Guard Maximum Protection level can provide an absolute guarantee of zero data loss. Other Data Guard protection levels (Maximum Availability and Maximum Performance) have the potential for data loss either because they are not designed to protect against multiple failure events or because data is transmitted asynchronously between primary and standby databases. This document lays the groundwork to describe the step by step process to integrate GoldenGate integrated extract with Data Guard so that GoldenGate processes can also be switched-over/failed-over automatically with no manual intervention as part of Data Guard switchover/failover. The switchover/failover is actually done by a UNIX shell program which is triggered by the database system event "DB_ROLE_CHANGE" when switchover/failover occurs.

The complete document can be found on the Oracle Support site under the document ID:1436913.1

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