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Portal and Content - Components, part 3 – Applied Customization Framework (4 of 7)


Have you ever been challenged with the situation where your work task asks you to implement functionality in the WebCenter Portal and you browse through the Resource Catalog (Business Dictionary) and find the functionality you need. However, when you get started there is small short comings and you ask yourself

  • how can I re-use what is out of the box ca?
  • I wonder what code I need to use to produce the similar functions and include my new requirements?
  • Must I write a new task flow?

The answer to above questions are in many times answered with simply you can  do a task flow customization to out-of-the-box task flows. In this post I will help you understand how to do such customization.

Main Article

Best described is a 4 step process, see image flow below for illustration:

Just to clarify few naming confusions that might occur when go through above process:

  • Customization Role is a function within JDeveloper that will allow you to implement view and flow customizations to existing task flows
  • WebCenter Portal – Spaces Task flow Customization Framework this technology scope do not only refer to WebCenter Spaces, this also include WebCenter Portal/Framework
  • A task flow customization do not overwrite or replace any code, it just creates an additional tip view of the task flow in the MDS for the current application (WebCenter Portal or WebCenter Spaces)

To sum up this simple procedure I also like to help you find your way around the main topic for this post series, this post series is focusing primarily on Content integration with WebCenter Portal, so where can I find content related task flows in the WebCenter Libraries. The list below mention some useful locations to task flows and each task flow page fragments.

Library Reference - WebCenter Document Library Service View

Content Presenter

  • Path: oracle.webcenter.doclib.view.jsf.taskflows.presenter
  • Task flow: contentPresenter.xml - The Content Presenter taskflow
  • Task flow: contentPresenterWizard.xml - The publishing wizard to select content, select template and preview including contribution

Document Manager

Path: oracle.webcenter.doclib.view.jsf.taskflows.docManager

  • Task flow: documentManager.xml - The Document Manager taskflow which includes references to document management feature including browsing, download, uploading and viewing.

For more information on task flow customizations please see following documentation:


Introduction – Introduction to the series of posts and what to expect at the end of the series

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