APEX Single Sign-On Integration

September 23, 2023 | 6 minute read
Kiran Thakkar
Consulting Solutions Architect
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Oracle APEX is a low code application development framework from Oracle that can run on an existing Oracle Database on OCI (Both DBCS or Autonomous database). It is a three-tier application – consisting of a client tier (the browser), the middle tier (the APEX application engine) and the data tier (back-end databases and REST APIs on top of various systems and data stores). However, on OCI managed APEX instance, the middle tier is managed service, and you just use the interface to build and consume custom applications. It is also an included service as part of OCI database license.

By default, APEX authenticates users against the OCI database using database credentials. However, most customers integrate APEX with their Single Sign-On solution. In this blog, I will talk about integrating APEX instance with OCI IAM service using OpenID Connect.

APEX Setup

You can create an APEX instance for an existing database or create a new database along with creating an APEX instance. Login to OCI console and browse to “APEX Instances” from Developer Services menu item.




The document has step by step instructions to create an APEX instance.

Once the APEX instance is ready, you can launch the instance from the instance page. It will open the APEX instance in a different tab in a browser. Copy the URL of the instance because we will use the URL to construct redirect URI while creating an application in OCI IAM.